To Ukraine advised to use in Europe the moment

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Ukraine most closer approached to the agreement on association with the European Union, Benita Ferrero declares - Valdner who was the last 5 years an eurocommissioner on external do.

"Ukraine comprehended a lot of things", - she told in Radio "Svoboda" interview, answering why Ukraine and Georgia not really came nearer to EU and with "Eastern Partnership".

"The purpose of policy of the neighbourhood was that our neighbors in the east and the North became much closer to EU. And we try to give all opportunities for such rapprochement. But not everything reached a maturity. It is a question of that, there will be able to be these countries in the future members of EU or won't be able", - Ferrero - Valdner emphasized.

"I from the very beginning spoke very much clearly: please, take that we can offer you now. Try to execute what we ask, and use this moment that to come nearer to us. Certainly, the future openly and at present we can't give you other answer. We tell it the last 5 years", - she added.

According to Ferrero - Valdner, "at some point Ukraine didn't want it to accept, but at the end - the ends of EU adheres to this policy as we demand unanimity from all our members".

"I consider that we gave the chance to Ukraine much. Rather bilateral negotiations, Ukraine approached most closer to establishment of the agreement on association", - she told.

"But it is all painful negotiations. They painful as Ukraine not only has to change all the legislation but also and change mechanisms of its embodiment in life and its spirit... and all this takes away a lot of time", - Ferrero - Valdner declared.

"I consider, - because I am a realist - that it is all public changes, and we want to help Ukraine with it. They have to enter changes, and we have to them help with it", - she added.

Ferrero - Valdner doesn't agree that "only expansion (EU) can change something". "These countries have to carry out own reforms... In Ukraine still much doesn't suffice. As well as in other countries. And so we speak to them: use this moment", - she told.

"You get big financial support. Actually you receive a real free trade zone, you receive regulatory rapprochement.Except bilateral negotiations "Eastern Partnership" created many-sided space in which these countries can impart experience and to see who moves ahead on this or other way further. It is very important", - Ferrero - Valdner emphasized.

Thus she recognized that "there is a policy round these countries which can't be ignored, eaten Russia which considers these countries the close abroad".

"And all - I consider that these countries have to use the existing moment to come nearer to us to show not only to other countries, and and Russians: this our general neighbourhood... To stabilize these countries are not to threaten Russia, it is useful for all of us and for these countries in particular", - Ferrero - Valdner emphasized.

She doesn't consider that Russia once will be the member of EU, after all it is very great and still has to adopt the European values, and necessary changes "many generations demand".


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