Gas will rise in price twice?

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The government is going to raise significantly gas price for the population and the enterprises теплокоммунэнерго, since April, 2010.

The adviser to the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko for power questions Alexander Gudyma reported about it "Today".

According to him, the draft of the memorandum between Ukraine and the IMF according to which since April 1, on July 1 and on October 1 gas will rise in price for 25%, and not from present cost, and each time from previous, grown by 25% is prepared.

Motive, Gudyma explained: it is necessary to rescue NAK "Neftegaz".

In too time, it doesn't exclude that if not Tymoshenko becomes the president, these figures can change, but there are they more or less, refused to predict.

"People who live in private houses with gas heating" especially will suffer from such considerable increase, - the analyst of MTsPI Alexander Zholud speaks. - But people have no place to disappear, they hardly will pass to firewood and coal".

"The communal flat in the cities too will rise in price, but it is less, for 50-60% because the shaft of non-payments with which to fight much more difficult will begin, than in rural areas, after all to disconnect from heat of one separately taken defaulter difficultly and expensively, and to disconnect all house if the part of residents doesn't pay only, it is illegal", - adds Zholud.

Gas for the municipal enterprises, according to the estimates of the newspaper, will rise in price by the end of the year for 95-100%. And it will pour out in increase in cost of heat and hot water at 65-70%.

However, to raise or not the prices of "communal flat" and if yes - that on how many, - is solved by local authorities. But resources on the grant to housing and communal services in the cities, as a rule, aren't present, notes the edition.


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