The opinion of the illegitimate commission of Shufrich across Lutsenko, BYuT doesn't interest. The opinion of the legitimate commission of Zabzalyuk

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BYuT fraction opposes hearing by parliament of the report of temporary commission of inquiry headed by Shufrich on questions of investigation of incident with participation of the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko in Germany, occurred on May 4.

The first deputy chairman of BYuT fraction Andrey Kozhemyakin told about it on a coordination board of Rada.

Thus he noted that there are no procedural bases for hearing of information of this commission from - that she, according to him, didn't hold any meeting and also because the report of the commission wasn't проголосован it.

At the same time Kozhemyakin supported that Rada heard the report of the similar commission which was created at the same time with the commission headed by Shufrich which chairman is the deputy of Rada from BYuT Roman Zabzalyuk.

"But we have a commission about investigation of circumstances of incident with the assistance of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko which is headed by mister Zabzalyuk... It legitimately worked, 7 meetings are held, the inquiry is directed and the answer is received, and she is ready to report", - he told.

Kozhemyakin emphasized that, according to fraction, Rada has to hear the report of this commission, instead of the commission headed by Shufrich.

"By the way, the latest events which occurred with the assistance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and the chairman of this commission mister Shufrich, it is investigative and show that there were no arguments for the tomorrow's report a little. Therefore it was necessary to add still one more argument, that is to make one more provocation", - Kozhemyakin emphasized.

Thus the deputy thanked Lutsenko for worthy behavior in incident with Shufrich.


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