From Yanukovych learned that Tymoshenko prepares power capture of "Mezhigorya"

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Yulia Timoshenko's disturbed by continuation of falling of her ratings the staff, prepares provocation against "the most popular in the people" the candidate for president Victor Yanukovych.

About it it is spoken in the statement of Party of Regions distributed today.

"The purpose of an action which Oleksandr Turchynov directs personally, - at any cost to compromise in the opinion of Victor Yanukovych's voters and to lower his rating. A number of special operations is for this purpose developed. One of them - with involvement of fighters of "Golden eagle" disguised as civil clothes who under cover of People's Deputies Bondarenko, Aryev and Kulikov have to rush force on the territory of the natural boundary of Mezhigorye where there is a house in which the candidate for president Victor Yanukovych lives.

After penetration of a task force in number of 200 people berkutovets and People's Deputies have to carry out on the territory where the candidate for president lives, one thousand people whom the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Seminoga directs. The deputy Aryev to whom the task of media providing an action is set, has to make everything that on TV screens there was a reporting from which it has to be visible that, allegedly, all territory Mezhigorya belongs to Victor Yanukovych. To mass meeting which Seminoga directs, the scenario - as who has to cry out on television cameras is already distributed.

The Party of Regions addresses to the President of Ukraine, in the Prosecutor General's Office, to the international observers, to human rights activists and all Ukrainian and the world community with an appeal to give an appropriate legal assessment to extremist actions of a staff of the candidate for president Yulia Timoshenko.

Methods which Yulia Timoshenko in the election campaign uses, are antidemocratic, unacceptable and having signs of terrorist actions. The Ukrainian society and the world community have to draw a conclusion - that the person who uses similar methods of selective fight" can bring in the Ukrainian reality, - is spoken in the statement of the Ave.


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