Nikolaev Byutovtsa file a lawsuit against A. Kinakh for political propaganda "in the family circle" in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine, ex-the prime minister - the ministerAnatoly Kinakhin Nikolaev convicted of a conscious violation of the law of Ukraine.

On Friday, December 11, officials of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies collected in a big hall on a meeting withAnatoly Kirillovich. Representatives of BYuTA who were present at a meeting, are extremely revolted with behavior нардепа and already prepare the claim in court.

- It was direct barefaced propaganda for the candidateYanukovychand counterpropaganda for the candidateTymoshenko Yulia Vladimirovna, - the deputy of the City Council from BYuTtoldAlexander Kurchenko. - Thus he was indignant with that at us gas will rise in price that the Nikolaev aluminous plant will pay more though thus I forgot that the Nikolaev aluminous plant for a long time in property of the Russian capital.

WhenAnatoly KinakhI finished the speech and I suggested to ask it questions,Alexander Kurchenkoand I made.

- I approached to a microphone and asked it such question:Anatoly Kirillovich, and whether you know that the performance here, in this building before these people, you violate article 64 of the Law "About an Election of the President of Ukraine". In this article it is written that propaganda in public institutions and in establishments of local governments is forbidden. On whatKinakhI started leaving evasively from the direct answer. He didn't tell, he knows that breaks the law or doesn't know it. He told that it not propaganda, it only a friendly chat in the family circle.

Now authorized representativeYulia Timoshenkoin Nikolaev on the 129th districtMargarita Chernenkoprepares the claim in court againstAnatoly Kinakh. Byutovtsa don't hope that punishment will be severe. For them the main thing - that the violation fact, andwas recordedTo Anatoly Kinakhthe prevention was taken out.

- How it is possible to trust the person who acts, agitates for the candidate if it initially does it with violation of laws of Ukraine? - speaksAlexander Kurchenko.- And in general, it seems to me that at representatives of this political force the neglect laws of Ukraine became norm.

The reference from

On March 21, 2007 the parliamentary majority on representation of the Prime ministerVictor YanukovychclaimedA. Kinakh, with 2004-го years staying in "orange" camp, on a post of the head of Ministry of Economics. In the same day colleagues - "nasheukrainets" excludedKinakhfrom the parliamentary fraction. On the Internet - forums and in comments to articles in network editions of the politician at once christened Moroz - 2 and Iudushkoy. It is unlikely the leader of Party of industrialists entering the Our Ukraine block and businessmen of Ukraine (PPPU), considering the offer of the ruling anti-recessionary coalition, I didn't understand that will automatically run into antipathy of thousands of "orange" voters. However arguments in favor of transition to the governmentV. Yanukovychwere stronger. Probably, it is natural: and itselfA. Kinakh, and party led by it long ago got used to integration into the power. The oppositional piece in their biography generally - that is insignificant.


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