Yanukovych promised that the Nikolaev shipbuilding plants "Okean" and of 61 Communards will be demanded

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During a business trip in the Nikolaev area Victor Yanukovych acted on the air of the Nikolaev OGTRK. Answering a question of one of TV viewers, the candidate for president of Ukraine noted:

- We will be faced by a task in the nearest future to replace arms by the available ships of the Ukrainian fleet, to carry out our Voyenno's modernization - Naval Forces that, certainly, it is impossible to make without ship-building branch. And, certainly, such enterprises as "Plant of a name of 61 Communards", "Ocean", will be demanded during performance of this responsible work", - V. Yanukovych emphasized.

Sharing plans for the near-term outlook in case of a victory at presidential election, Victor Yanukovych noted: "Certainly, we can't but build the new ships. It needs to be done, and we will do it.

Today the order of the Ukrainian army for production of shipbuilding plants practically is absent, and bright to that an example - the cruiser "Ukraine" which has 95% of readiness, but now costs on shipyard as "unpromising".

Therefore I consider that we have to find the optimum solution of this question. In due time we held previously such negotiations with Russia and practically came already to any common goals and decisions. But, unfortunately, there came "the orange period", and the relations with the Russian Federation very sharply worsened. The policy which was pursued by the present power, didn't give any hopes for successful negotiations.

I hope that there will come modern times, and after this presidential election we will return to this question", - the Party leader of regions summarized.


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