Nauru became famous and received 50 million dollars for recognition of Abkhazia?

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On Tuesday independence of Abkhazia was recognized by the fourth country after Russia, Venezuela and Nicaragua - the dwarfish Republic of Nauru.

Its population makes 14 thousand people, writes the Kommersant.

The day before the delegation of Nauru headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Kiren Keke visited also South Ossetia, however a question of recognition of Tskhinvali to parliament of Nauru only it is necessary to consider.

The edition notes that is possible, the speed of consideration of this question depends on providing humanitarian assistance of Nauru by Russia which allocation Kiren Keke last week discussed with the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

50- the million credit is directed on "implementation of social programs" in one of the republics of Oceania.

During a ceremony on Wednesday without answer there was a question of why for recognition of South Ossetia the president of Nauru Markus Stephen needed a parliament consent, and in a case with Abkhazia - No.

However, considering that procedure of recognition of the foreign states and establishment of diplomatic relations with them in 1968 of the constitution isn't registered in the accepted Nauru in any way, the final word as a result belongs to the president Stephen.

Earlier independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia was recognized by Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Also Russia insists on similar recognition by parliament of Belarus.

Nauru - the state on the coral island of 21 square kilometer of the same name belonging to the islands of Oceania. Its population makes about 15 thousand people. Independence of Nauru is proclaimed in 1968.


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