The Nikolaev regionals and vitrenkovets attempted upon the rehabilitation center of addicts

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The Centre party and ND "Third Republic" are extremely concerned by the situation which has developed round the Rehabilitation center for drug addicts and addicts, the former summer camp located in the territory "Timurite", in Big Korenikhe. Concern is caused by continuous attempts of deputies Galina Yaroshenko, Nina Kolechko and Georgy Romanovsky to reorientate the center in a shelter for homeless women.

Constant pressure as on Natalya Kasyanchuk, the manager of Recreation center in the residential district Nikolaeva - Big Korenikhe, and on her spouse - the pastor of one of churches of the association "New Generation" of Alexander Kasyanchuk raises doubts in sincerity of care of deputies from Natalya Vitrenko's block and Party of Regions about efficiency of use in interests of the city of the property transferred after privatization of Okean plant.

Deputies are revolted that the vice-chairman of "The labor union of the former military personnel" A. S. Five-copeck coin, the military pensioner Yury of Tymoshenko created a farm in premises of allegedly inefficiently used camp of rest, feeds drug addicts, and other buildings are empty, and with got to a shelter to "sectarians" allegedly take on 600 hryvnias and by that encourage activity of inoslavny faith, retirees sell water to citizens. have unaccounted profit and in general live in grand style. But these opinions of dear deputies not only are prejudiced, they also are groundless.

So it turned out that temporary, summer structures were told to the city in a hurry, without that they took place on lands of the Nikolaev regional council and it is impossible to use them without consent of the Vesnyansky Village Council in any way. And nobody was going to use neither the thrown camp, nor only 60 - meter depth an artesian well. In the city budget there was at all no money for watchmen and camp simply plundered and began to break completely. The first activists of the SPU local organization and the association "My City" led by Anna Korniyenko noticed it, but also to them was beyond the power to support reliable watchmen and to preserve taken-away summer lodges. Initiators of rescue of a well and camp addressed to of that time нардепу to A.I. Kuzmuk, to the member of the same party of present guardians for city good and the deputy helped to issue land lease and to get a farm.The member of the same party of guardians and the deputy from Party of Regions supported enthusiasts and Vitaly Voronov, also nowadays, it even reflected couple work Kasyanchukov in the corresponding brochure shining work of a municipal government of a family and youth.

Retirees and believers for the most modest means provided protection and territory cleaning, got a garden, contain the rehabilitation center, adjust heating to organize center work all the year round, try at the minimum use of medicine with its replacing metadonovy therapy but only at the expense of suggestion because of familiarizing with prayful practice and moral values of Christian belief to rescue lost souls. And deputies see in it cynical operation of drug addicts. Business reached discussion of a question of demolition of buildings of the forgotten pioneer camp allegedly not justifying.

Our Communist Party organization considers that we could initiate joint meeting of city council, the Nikolaev regional council and the Vesnyansky Village Council, devoted to transfer of the remains so actually and the buildings unaccepted city temporary and already partially reconstructed by tenants and constructions of a pioneer camp of Okean plant in fund of the Nikolaev regional council or to directly Vesnyansky Village Council. It would eliminate the impasse allowing certain city deputies to look for field of activity away from interests of the voters where their help is absolutely useless, and in essence even is harmful.

Our Communist Party organization realizes that offered action is rather labor-consuming and needs appropriate preparation, but in the presence of good will and original, instead of feigned care of the public benefit, it can help enthusiasts from Great Korenikhi better to help process of rescue of those our fellow citizens who else can be rescued from untimely death.

Yours faithfully, chairman of the Nikolaev regional party organization of Centre party Ivannikov I. Page


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