Seagull - "magician" with gifts visited today two kindergartens of Nikolaev

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Today's cold and blizzard in Nikolaev didn't prevent the mayor to visit a children's holiday in honor of Day of Saint Nikolay in two kindergartens.

However, in the kindergarten of "Malyatko" which is in the Ship area, the mayor and other dear guests were late approximately for hour. As to begin action without mayor it was impossible, children had to expect it arrival.

The kindergarten of "Malyatko" located at the address of Glinka St., 7, was restored in August, 2008. To rediscover it and to create in it all conditions for children, from the city budget about two million hryvnias were allocated.

- As you can see, now it is modern, European kindergarten. We did this preschool institution with loving care to our children. Today we once again returned to it to add it with a complex which is extremely necessary for our children, - Vladimir Chaika told.

The traffic park which has to help small nikolayevets to study traffic regulations appeared this complex.

According to the mayor, the traffic park was acquired for the budget and sponsor's money and managed within 40 thousand UAH. In addition to kindergarten vehicles were presented.

"The most important magician" the cities (quite so I called the mayor conducting actions) suited to children a small blitz - poll by traffic regulations. Kids answered the questions "uncles" harmoniously and amicably, it is visible, them prepared for a meeting very well.

The head of administration of the Ship area Vladimir Ustenko thanked effusively before the mayor, and to a garden personally from itself presented a video camera.

Action was continued by school team of winners of competition of inspectors of traffic.

I was present during the holiday and a well-known zebra at Nikolaev. She watched how kids are able to drive cars.

But on this holiday the mayor didn't happen to be late for a long time - it already expected in kindergarten "Barvinok" to the address Mira Avenue, 13-and.This kindergarten of nearly 14 years didn't work - children was very little and parents had to drive them in the next kindergartens or to leave at home on grandmothers and grandfathers, and at this time the room of this kindergarten was rented by press and television College. It was restored at the beginning of December.

Celebration by Day Saint Nikolay here began without mayor and by that moment when the mayor arrived, already managed to wait and the most Saint Nikolay with gifts.

"Mayor" gifts to kids from "Barvink" were much more modest. Here Vladimir Chaika was limited to sweets.

While the mayor communicated with kids, vice-the mayor Raisa Vdovichenko tried to find out at a number of standing kids, whether they, "from whom know these candies".

- From Saint Nikolay! - kids answered. Who such Vladimir Chaika, they didn't hear. And not before it was: "aunt" Raisa Vdovichenko forbade to open candies right now.

Generally, the mayor communication with children remained is happy. And they are happy that as the mayor was expressed, "the city power doesn't forget about children". It would be quite good that the mayor showed attention signs to child care facilities of the city, and not only on the eve of Day Saint Nikolay more often.


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