Yanukovych connected unknown firm

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Fight for "Mezhigorye" where Victor Yanukovych lives, was entered by the new player. With its help owners of the residence intend to prove legality of privatization of scandalous object.

The unknown firm "Da Lat" court achieves cancellation of sale of the former state residence "Mezhigorye" where Victor Yanukovych lives, to the present owner - the Tantalit company.

Yesterday the Supreme economic court had to consider the judicial claim "Da Lat" to the Medinvesttreyd and Tantalite companies which participated in privatization of "Mezhigorya". We will remind, "Tantalite" is at present the owner of a complex of real estate objects in the territory of the former residence and rents practically all reserved territory of the natural boundary of "Mezhigorye" (about 130 hectares). The property complex was bought by "Tantalite" in 2007 from Medinvesttreyd firm which, in turn, then exchanged it at Nadra of Ukraine state company.

The Da Lat firm doesn't recognize property for the present owner and demands from judges to recognize invalid the transaction of purchase and sale of a real and personal estate of a complex between "Medinvesttreyd" and "Tantalite". The claimant reasons the position that in November, 2007 the Medinvesttreyd company addressed to him with the offer to buy objects in the territory ex-residences. According to judicial documents, the offer was sent on November 9, 2007 and time was allowed for decision-making till November 12 (It should be noted strange character of a condition: On November 9, 2007 is a Friday, and on November 12, 2007 - Monday). The written consent from "Da Lat" came only on November 13. Formal term was missed, and "Medinvesttreyd" signs two contracts with the Tantalit company on sale of personal and real estate (on November 16 and on November 19). "Da Lat" was out of work and in 2008 I submitted the judicial claim, demanding to sign these contracts with it, having terminated with "Tantalite". Economic courts of the first and second instances refused to satisfy the claim of the unaccomplished buyer. Yesterday the end could be put to consideration of this claim, however the Highest economic court transferred meeting from - for absences of the parties. About it reported in a press - service of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.The prosecutor's office represents in this case interests of the state as in parallel in vessels other claim to the private companies - from Cabinet of Ministers with which the government tries to return the residence to state property is considered.

It should be noted that this year date of meeting of the Highest economic court in "Da Lat's" claim was appointed three times and each time was transferred from - for absences of the parties.

As the representative of one of law firms explained, "Da Lat's" claim - obviously losing, and the appeal of this company to court can pursue other aim. In particular, owners of "Mezhigorya" intend by means of artificially provoked trial to prove that sale of the residence in which Victor Yanukovych now lives, - is lawful.

According to the similar scheme in 2007 the Medinvesttreyd company worked. To secure the legal rights for "Mezhigorye", the firm right after finding of the property rights appealed to court with the requirement to recognize illegal the contract of exchange with Nadra of Ukraine state company by which the residence was transferred to "Medinvesttreydu". Courts of the first and second instances refused to businessmen, having recognized the transaction lawful.

The version about artificiality of the claim of "Da Lat" is confirmed by some coincidence. For example, the decision of the Kiev appeal economic court with which it was refused to "Da Lat" to satisfy the claim about cancellation of the contract of purchase and sale of property of the residence "Mezhigorye" to Tantalit firm was passed on June 11, 2008. And next day there are serious changes already in the company "Tantalit". On November 12, 2008 the Austrian Euro east Beteiligungs GmbH which brought in an authorized capital of 146 million UAH was a part of her founders. It is possible to assume that the new founder of "Tantalite" as if waited for the judgment which will provide a legal guarantee for further activity. We will remind, earlier in mass media it was reported about big plans of "Tantalite" for construction of a recreational zone on the basis of the residence "Mezhigorye". Construction didn't begin as as the company reported, in the beginning it is necessary to settle all controversial legal problems.


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