Governors of the areas filled up with snow in vain hit telegrams into Kiev?

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Kherson 7 days in drifts because the treasury doesn't register payments of an oblavtodor and the municipal enterprises of local governments for fuel. It was declared by the head of the Kherson regional state administration Boris Silenkov.

As reports official site of the candidate for president Yushchenko according to the governor, payments on 2 million hryvnias which local governments through the municipal services put in treasury for payment for fuel for elements elimination "hanged".

"I sent yesterday the telegram to the address of the prime minister in which reported that the 9th day in area payments for the sum of 51 million hryvnias aren't registered. Economic activity of local governments and the budgetary sphere is completely blocked. However and still any reaction", - is told by Silenkov.

He noted that the area independently tries to solve problems with weather surprises: "We sent the letter of guarantee on petrotraders and now canisters - actually manually - we bring fuel to graders to unblock the route Kherson - Nikolaev... ".

Silenkov also reported that the tent town of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for people who became hostages of a bad weather on the route Kherson - Nikolaev already works.

Nikolay Serdyuk, the governor of Odessa region too declares that measures for elimination of consequences of elements were taken by exclusively local government. "The government didn't give any help", - Serdyuk told. He reported that through treasury all payments, including on fuel are blocked. Serdyuk added that yesterday signed the telegram to Turchynov that accounts were unblocked and it was possible to pay fuel for snow-removal equipment.

At the same time the chairman YEAH noted that the local government does everything in order that losses from elements were minimum. He reported that the staff on crisis situations at YEAH held still yesterday meeting for the purpose of harm prevention from possible bad weather."The assignment to all to heads of public administrations was given, to mayors of the cities to hold meeting of the corresponding staffs where to call chief physicians, representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, chiefs of departments of militia, chairmen of settlement councils and together to fulfill the plan of a life support system of each area for natural disaster", - Serdyuk noted.

He noticed that nobody expected such quantity of snow, but everything that people didn't suffer was made local government. "About 6 thousand people which got to snowfall on roads, received hot food, were placed in warm rooms", - the governor told. He reported that to control a situation on roads, special groups from representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, military were created. "All equipment which was able, 218 units, at night worked at roads of Odessa region", - the governor added.

"The main thing that we didn't lose any human life", - he emphasized.


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