To kill Tymoshenko there came the killer from - for borders

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Chief of bodyguard of Yulia TYMOSHENKO Alexander of B - TO the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine "the iron woman" who isn't afraid, despite of, at least, 6-7 recorded cases of serious threat of her life calls operating.

12 - summer work with Yu. Tymoshenko the major told about features in interview to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine", published today.

According to Yu. Tymoshenko's chief security guard, for his practice of work with the leader of BYuT there were, at least, 6-7 serious cases of threat of her life. The major told that security guards even possessed information on date and time of possible attempt at Yu. Tymoshenko from the killer who has arrived from - for borders. The most intense the situation, in his opinion, was during Pomaranchevy revolution in 2004.

"Once I approached and told: Yulia Vladimirovna, let's be more careful … And she answered me: Sasha, look at this Maidan, look at people. Here anything bad can't happen …", - the officer told about the conversation with Yu. Tymoshenko 5 - summer prescription.

Also he told how once the leader of BYuT admitted that was tired to be afraid.

"I think, to it all - is terrible, as to any normal person. But thus she all - isn't afraid", - Alexander allowed.


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