Probable rivals of the Nikolaev basketball team were defined on EuroChallenge

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The list of teams which should start in EuroChallenge from the first qualification round is defined. The list included "Deksiya" (Belgium), "Keravnos" (Cyprus), "Kalev" (Estonia), "Larisa" (Greece), "Virtus" (Bologna, Italy), "Ventspils" (Latvia), "Locomotive" (Rostov, Russia), "Chemist" (Youzhny, Ukraine).

With selection will begin tournament of 32 more teams:
"Liege" (Belgium), "Are wide (Bosnia and Herzegovina), "Borats", (Bosnia and Herzegovina), "Spartak" (Pleven, Bulgaria), "Zagreb" (Croatia), "Tsedevita" (Croatia), "Proteas" (Cyprus), "Apoel" (Cyprus), "Proshteyov, (Czech Republic), "Beacon" (Denmark), "Svendborg" (Denmark), "Toulon" (France), "Vichy" (France), "Amak" (Macedonia), "Rustavi" (Georgia), "Oldenburg" (Germany), "Skaylayner" (Germany), "Kormend" (Hungary), "Eyffel a Tower" (Netherlands), "Mobitelko" (Romania), "Asesoft" (Romania), "TsSK Air Force Samara" (Russia), "Sibiu" (Romania), "Spartak" (Page. Petersburg, Russia), "Zlatorog Lasko" (Slovenia), "Banvit" (Turkey), "Antalya" (Turkey), and also five Ukrainian clubs - "Polyequipment - Galichina" (Lviv), "Sumykhimprom", MBK "Nikolaev", "Cherkassk Mavpy", BQ "Donetsk".

Regulations of the present EuroChallenge tournament which carried before the name "FIBA European Cup" the following.

Eight teams pass a selection sieve and wait for 8 teams which will be defined in a selection round (32 teams in two rounds on an elimination will define the eight). 16 more teams will join from among ULEB which have left a cup. Two best teams of "Evrochellendzha" - get to ULEB cup for the next season.

1. Selection round 1. on an elimination (houses - on departure) from 32 teams remain 16. 16 teams pass into 2 selection round.
2. Selection round 2. from 16 - 8. 8 teams turn into qualification.
3. Qualification 1 round. 8 groups about 4 teams. Two best teams leave in the second qualification.
4. Qualification 2nd round. 4 groups on 4 teams. Two best teams leave group in a quarterfinal.
5. Quarterfinal. Games on an elimination to two victories.Winners of couples reach "The final of four".
6. "Final of four".

Start of "Evrochellendzha" is planned for October 14.

We will remind, on July 7-8 in Berlin lot in which the president of MBK "Nikolaev" Andrey Cherepanov will take part will take place.


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