Tymoshenko told, with what politicians is ready to work

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko is ready to invite to cooperation of politicians who "don't break the main values".

Yu. Tymoshenko declared it the day before on Ukraine TV channel, answering a question of her cooperation with ex-the Chief of Presidential Administration of Leonid Kuchma Victor Medvedchuk.

"At certain stages of life the country the President, the prime minister, and people who are placed on positions direct. Each team selects those people who are capable to carry out these or those tasks. I once again want to tell that our team is presented in parliament, presented in the government. But I will build cooperation with all people who will be able to reconstruct Ukraine and with each person who can bring a positive contribution", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

On the second specifying question of the journalist: "Including with Medvedchuk? " the prime minister answered: "I as the leader, I will rely on those people who in this or that time will be able to bring to Ukraine the biggest benefit, but not in defiance of the main values, the main strategy, and the main thing of that, in what I trust: to Ukraine which will have policy with honor. And here my position will be invariable".

When the journalist once again I asked the prime minister as she can trust the person who wrote "temnik", Yu. Tymoshenko noted: "You the journalist, also know that some parties are written too by temnik. Also do it more professional and it is qualitative. I if I is really elected the people the President, won't allow any temnik, any pressure of oligarchy upon journalism, and any restriction of journalists in honest free opportunities to express the opinion, such I am and now".


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