Chernovitsky I recognized that, beating off it places of pride, Lutsenko was "a sword of Ukrainians"

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About it it is spoken in a congratulation of the Kiev mayor Leonid Chernovetsky with noted yesterday to militia.

We provide completely the text of a congratulation which at desire can quite be considered as frank recognition:

"Our militia from year to year steadily divided with the country joyful days and adversities, solved the most responsible and complex problems, was where it is more difficult than everything. You always were a board and a sword of Ukrainians, every day in a peace time on service you are exposed to danger from crime, but people can always rely on you as defenders, guards and justice.

In a present hard time your work is connected with considerable risk. Minutes of festive celebrations we with grief remember your companions who up to the end fulfilled the duty, having offered life, protecting the fellow citizens.

Warmly I congratulate on Day of militia of all who adequately serves on law and order protection who doesn't know days off and holidays who is ready to break on a call at night and to protect our compatriots. Thank you huge, happiness and success in difficult and dangerous service, world and wellbeing to you and your families! "


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