Pinzenik suspects that the Cabinet of Ministers ate money from the treasury account

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The former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Victor PINZENIK assumes that the government "ate money" which lay on the summary account of the State treasury. He declared it in UNIAN interview in response to a request to comment on the address of the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO to the general prosecutor because the government, according to the head of state, "stole money of local governments" which were in state treasury.

In particular, whether on a question is "Is at the President of basis for such statement? ", V. PINZENIK answered: "At least, there are bases for reaction that occurs".

According to the ex-the Minister of Finance, "the government in one month can't pay a salary and pension. There is a treasury account. There money not only the governments "sit". Except the government, money of local budgets there "sits", money of subjects of housekeeping which will import goods through customs there "sit", is not budget money, plus there "sits" eight hundred million from the Odessa port plant - the mortgage which didn't return. What made the government? It ate this money. They aren't present. Though legally they don't belong to it".

As V. PINZENIK noted, "this money can be used as the instrument of financing of deficiency when you have a balanced budget, and you will be able always to restore them, and local budgets will be able to take them. And so local budgets came to be in a situation when on the account there is money, but it is impossible to take away them. Because the Treasury, is the same bank. And here that the President speaks, means that any local budget has on the account of 10 million hryvnias, and to it payment don't register".

According to the ex-the minister, he doesn't know, "such phenomenon became how mass, but the government has no, than to pay expenses until the end of the year. There can't live so the country".

As V. PINZENIK told, "it is a situation of January of this year", but earlier "it didn't get out because the IMF gave every month means".

As reported the UNIAN, on December 20 V. Yushchenko declared that addressed to the general prosecutor Alexander MEDVEDKO concerning blocking of financing of regions from state treasury.He told about it during communication with inhabitants of Chernovtsy, answering a question of blocking by the State treasury in Chernovitsky area of allocation of 20 million hryvnias according to appointment.

The president emphasized that governmental means and means of local budgets on the summary account of the State treasury make today 1,8 billion hryvnias, including means of local budgets - 8 billion hryvnias.

"I will explain how it can be read: the government stole means of self-government institutions - a difference between 8 billion UAH and 1,8 billion UAH - that is about 6 billion hryvnias of means of self-government institutions are taken away on financing of requirements of the government", - the head of state noted.

At this V. Yushchenko added that these means go on Yulia TYMOSHENKO'S pre-election needs: "Yulia Vladimirovna goes about the country as the Snow Maiden, - where - that lost 50 million where - that any gives apartments where - that I delivered the Chinese buses to school - that's all 6 billions".


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