The Ukrainian journalist urged the Azerbaijani colleagues not to give in on the Russian provocations.

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The INTER TV channel plot about Nagorno-Karabakh, inciting against Azerbaijan, is provocation of the Russian side therefore the Azerbaijani colleagues shouldn't give in on it. The former employee of INTER TV channel reported about it.

"The plot about Nagorno-Karabakh is not a product of the state of Ukraine, and result of activity of the Russian provokers in the Ukrainian mass media", he declared.

The journalist explained that with arrival on INTER of the Russian management (the chief consultant of TV channel the staff reporter of Russia TV channel Ilya Kanavin - the Edition is), information policy of the Ukrainian TV channel is exposed to serious changes towards following in a waterway of foreign policy of Moscow. The special attention thus concerns covering of events on the former Soviet Union, and also relationship between these countries.

"And what you expected to receive, if the main person on TV channel - with state VGTRK, almost daily stamping the anti-Ukrainian plots as hot pies? Plus a half of team of Gleb Pavlovsky which contain with it on the previous elections divided Ukraine into three grades", the journalist considers.

Thus it didn't exclude continuation of emergence of similar compromising materials which will incite allies against Ukraine. "I won't be surprised if INTER guesses to redeem from Luzhkov's TV channel (TVC - the Edition) the false movie "Kill the Russian"" and will start it twisting all over the country", he added.

The journalist expressed belief that such activity of "foreign Varangians" causes a direct loss of information security of Ukraine and "it is strange that anybody still doesn't pay to a situation on INTERE any attention".

He also paid attention to that the fact that news with the link "on a source in Baku" was published by the REGNUM news agency which director is ex-the employee of Presidential Administration at Putin Modest Kollerov who is known for the support of separatists in the Crimea and Zakarpatye.

Before REGNUM news agency reported that the film crew of one of the Azerbaijani TV channels is going to go for Ukraine for preparation 18 - a minute plot about this country.In plans of television group - to present the Western Ukraine as historically Polish territory, and Lviv - the Polish city. On the contrary, East Ukraine will be presented as historically Russian land, Kiev - as a cradle of the Russian culture of an era of domongolsky Russia, Zakarpatye - as the Hungarian earth, and the Crimea - the Tatar earth which subdued by the Russian emperors and has been illegally presented by Khrushchev to Ukraine, etc.

The counter - the reporting is planned to translate into foreign languages, to show on a number of TV channels and to post online.

This action allegedly has to become the reply of the Azerbaijani television to the reporting "Nagorno-Karabakh — the Territory in Which Time Stood" of the Ukrainian Inter channel. The history of events was shown in the movie of the Ukrainian TV channel in the region on the example of some personnel. It is possible to look at a plot here.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ukraine handed over on December 7 a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in connection with display of this movie. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in reply declared that this channel is commercial and in any way doesn't reflect a state position.

On TV channel in turn paid attention that the plot was devoted not to the conflict round Nagorno-Karabakh, and directly to this territory and its inhabitants. "Its format - reporting journalism, in other words, chronicles", are told in the statement.

Besides, further on TV channel promised to provide "comprehensive information lighting with involvement of all parties of the conflict".


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