Yushchenko: in case of Yanukovych or Tymoshenko's victory we will sing everything Murka

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The president of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO considers that the question of improvement of the relations of Ukraine and Russia lies in "the plane of democratization of the Russian Federation".

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he told about it, addressing with lecture about world situation of Ukraine teachers and students of the Kiev institute of the international relations.

According to V. Yushchenko, difficulties between Ukraine and Russia are in the relations that the countries have the different courses, different systems of values. "We on - to another treat the person, a freedom of speech, state way. I am deeply convinced that the democracy is favorable", - the President told, having emphasized that the imperial policy won't promote development of the relations.

It reminded of the conflict of 2008 between Russia and Georgia.

"When I 8-го date (August, 2008) was called back by the Georgian President, my friend who usually in communication very emotional, speaks much... ", - the President told and, reacting to laughter in a hall, added: "It is plus, well Georgians, unless you don't understand them. By the way, this creation of hands of our teachers (The president of Georgia Mikhail SAAKASHVILI ended KIMO - the UNIAN)". And already seriously V. Yushchenko continued: "And so, when he called back at 16 o'clock to me and told, for the first time for years of our contacts, only three words: "They go on Tbilisi". I in reply to it speak: "Mikhail, then I take the plane and I fly to you".

At this V. Yushchenko reminded that invited to go together with him presidents of other states. "Because it was the only way to stop full occupation of Georgia. It was my debt because I was convinced - a question not only of Georgia, a question in our values", - he emphasized.

"If we lose faith in these values in Belarus, we will lose faith in these values in Germany, France, Ukraine and so on. It was my position", - he told.

The president once again repeated that "the main problem of the relations is in the plane of democratization of Russia. Ukraine is a good example of how it is necessary to modernize the country and values. It is obvious that it for the present doesn't suit the leadership of Russia, and that well-known letter which was sent to the Ukrainian President from the President of Russia, it can be read only in one context:"Dear Ukrainians, elect anyone, only not by YUSHCHENKO because he is the only politician who forms the European, democratic course", - the President noted.

V. Yushchenko emphasized that his opponents at presidential election the prime minister - the minister Yulia TYMOSHENKO and the party leader of regions Victor YANUKOVYCH in case of a victory on elections of the head of state won't respect democracy and a freedom of speech. "Because on such principles they won't keep - they profess opposite", - he told and noted, what "we will sing everything Nyurka or Murk, what there sing? ".

He also doesn't believe that at V. Yanukovych or Yu. Tymoshenko Ukraine becomes the member of NATO. "Listen to each of them, give them a task: write NATO word without mistakes - both that, and another will make four mistakes", - V. Yushchenko told.

At the same time he supported need of development of the relations with Russia. "I am convinced that in Russia there are millions and million people who wish democratic development and normal dialogue with neighbors. I think, whether the Ukrainian nation will applaud the President of Russia, whether to the authorities of Russia which recognize and will show respect for our history, language, for our independence", - V. Yushchenko told. "It will be, I don't doubt, but it is that policy which demands considerable efforts", - he emphasized.


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