Tymoshenko taught Sean Kara to speak: "Mother, kind дэнь, цэ tvy sonny"

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko declares that tries to save the time for a dream.

Yu. Tymoshenko reported about it today, during the direct telephone line with readers of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine".

"Morning for me is that time when I try to gather additionally from all morning procedures, and to draw a little bit this time to a dream. I pull until the last minute to get out of bed", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

The prime minister added that gathers for work very quickly. "The breakfast at me quickly passes in the morning, I braid a braid still blindly, and then I start recovering and becoming slowly to the working course", - it specified.

Yu. Tymoshenko also reported that any more isn't engaged in run in the morning. "Crisis the first that destroyed, is opportunity the prime minister - the minister to run in the morning. And, in - the second, I find not enough time for all details in the morning, besides, that the prime minister turned out more or less as it should be", - explained to Yu. Tymoshenko.

Answering a question, whether her son-in-law in Ukrainian talks, Yu. Tymoshenko told: "My son-in-law only starts songs singing in Ukrainian. Just its song was about miners where it had a debut - to start singing in Ukrainian. At it not bad left and therefore we his all family agitate that he not only sang in Ukrainian, but also I started talking on - Ukrainian". At the same time, according to her, her son-in-law speaks on - Ukrainian "dyaky", "good afternoon" and other simple words. "That is the real Ukrainian son-in-law", - smiling, she added.

Yu. Tymoshenko also told that her son-in-law Sean when calls her, begins conversation by words: "Mother, kind дэнь, цэ tvy sonny". "It is very pleasant to me because he so softly tells it, with such small accent. I very much love it and I respect as the person because it has a fine heart of the real man", - the prime minister noted.


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