Curator of the Nikolaev area from "NANOSECOND" Oleg Novikov: The Verkhovna Rada has to finish anti-corruption laws

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The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada the curator of the Nikolaev area from the obshchesvenny movement "National Self-defense" Oleg Novikov suggests to make changes to three anti-corruption laws which were adopted by parliament in June of this year and will start working since January 1 of the next year. According to the deputy, the laws "About the Principles of Prevention and Corruption Counteraction", "About Responsibility of Legal Entities for Commission of Corruption Offences" and "About Modification of Some Acts of Ukraine concerning Responsibility for Corruption Offences" need completion. About it reports a press - service "National self-defense".

Acting from a parliament tribune, Oleg Novikov noted that these bills contain contradictions with the Constitution and other laws, in particular, they, for example, forbid a part-time job. "If this package of the worked not enough laws starts working since January 1, almost each accountant in Ukraine (and 90% of the Ukrainian accountants are part-time workers), will receive the protocol on corruption because it is accurately stated in these laws. And it I called only a small particle of problems which society will face. Same concerns teachers of higher education institutions which are part-time workers - since January 1 total closing of higher education institutions can begin only because they will start losing accreditation as the teacher who works in one higher education institution, according to the current law has no right to teach in other higher education institution", - "samooboronets" noted.

The deputy noted that as the Verkhovna Rada didn't collect today necessary quantity votes to delay action of these laws for 3 months for the purpose of completion, he together with colleagues plans to prepare quickly changes that the parliament managed to consider them about New year. "On preparing bills, to carry out them through committees and to submit for consideration in a conference hall, there are 3 days. Proposals will be submitted already today that tomorrow already to submit them for consideration of committees", - Oleg Novikov added.


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