The Nikolaev authorized representatives of candidates for president are sure that corruption in our higher education institutions isn't present

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Problems of education discussed on December 22 on a press - club in press and television college. Among participants of discussion - representatives of presidential candidates in the Nikolaev area:Yushchenko,Tymoshenko,Yanukovych,Yatsenyuka,Simonenko,Tigipko.

In that corruption in higher education institutions isn't present, it was sure onlyVera Yaroshenko- representative of the candidateVictor Yushchenko- after all the present President uses this slogan on big - boards in the election campaign.Vera Yaroshenkoitself teaches in higher education institution - on political science chair to Nikolaev "mogilyanka". Her competitor - the rector of higher education institution in whom worksVera Yaroshenko, and at the same time representative of the candidateTymoshenko-Leonid KlimenkoI told nothing about, whether there is a corruption in higher education institutions. But he, as well as all other speakers, spoke against 12 - summer system of secondary education. According to the rector of the Black Sea university, "our children study two years more, than abroad" that is bad, and, respectively, have less a rest.

From left to right: Vera Yaroshenko, Leonid Klimenko, Nikolay Mashkin

The representative of "professor", the deputy of regional council from PRNikolay MashkinI emphasized that "today the higher education became business on production and sale of diplomas".

- I don't represent how the shipbuilding institute of a message training of ship builders if plants stand can today, don't work? he said.

RepresentativeArseniy Yatsenyuk Yury Ryaboyconsiders that the main lack of present system of secondary education is its complexity.

- I don't understand why in the sixth class in a half-year children study 12 subjects on mathematics? he said. - After all it is necessary to pay attention not only to amount of information which give to children, but also on its quality.

RectorLeonid KlimenkoI was indignant with the bill preparing in Rada according to which that educational institution in which not less than six thousand students study can be called as university only much. It gave examples of world famous higher education institutions in which studies both 600, and 200 students.

- It is similar to formation of a shooting division, - he told. - Six thousand bayonets are, and it is good. And who works in the higher education institution, what quality education is interests nobody.

Performance of the communist, deputy of a regional council and representativePyotr Simonenko-Sergey Puchkovwas quite communistic. It at once rejected the party of the teacherYaroshenko- I told that for the last five years education became the most corrupted. Also I gave two most indicative examples - the fictitious diploma of the deputy of SBU (which it was gained still long beforeYushchenko) and system of kindergartens (well, in any degree kindergartens can be ranked as an education system, with great reserve).

- When parents come to kindergarten, to them at once say that it is necessary to pay money in group fund, in garden fund, it is necessary to buy that and that, - he told.

Fears at the communistPuchkovacaused that since new year transfer vocational training to the maintenance of area. In his opinion, this sphere also is so started.

From left to right: Alexander Mashkov, Sergey Puchkov, Yury Ryaboy

RepresentativeSergey TigipkoAlexander MashkovI told that teachers because young specialists don't receive the promised 1700 hryvnias need to raise wages. And too, as well as other participants of discussion, I expressed against 12 - summer system of training at school.

The director Nikolayevskogo municipal коллегиумаwas the only thing from all who didn't tell anything against 12 - summer system,Sergey Sichko- and only who has a direct bearing on basic secondary education. He told that children who study on new system, now only in the 9th class.Yet didn't pass sufficient time to estimate pluses and minuses 12 - summer training. He considers that it is necessary to look at fruits of new system but only after that to draw conclusions at first.


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