Game "in Chapayev"

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Kindly, without rejecting means of the evil,
on them also reaps results;
in paradise where pitch,
is appliedarchangels копытны also are horned.
I. Guberman

If someone thinks that to approach of the real summer heat in the country happens nothing, that deeply is mistaken. And the temperature on the street, the higher than a degree political is higher.

However, there was one pleasant news from the category the okolokulturnykh: for the first time for all history of Ukraine "Mrs. of the world-2008" became the Ukrainian, not really to me the known honored actress of Ukraine singer Kamaliya. Conversations that supposedly it is very prestigious for the country, it coolly, etc., impaired a little that the lawful spouse at Kamaliya is a businessman - the billionaire. Therefore ordinary citizens have this news as I believe, could cause only one assessment - everything is bought. Though, quite probably, competition was won by our singer quite deservedly and honestly.

As for the rest, all information space is filled the second week with several news shocking society. Here David Zhvaniya a judgment deprived of the Ukrainian nationality. Certainly, he submitted the appeal, and, most likely, the status - кво, but the fact will be restored … Imagine: the person deprive of nationality from - for the certain procedural discrepancies allowed by anonymous officials ten years ago. And after all Zhvaniya not simple Ukrainian inhabitant. Large businessman, People's Deputy, one of ideologists and financiers of "orange revolution", godmothers of the president Yushchenko, financier of National self-defense. Revolution devours the children? My God, how many time it already was …

The most mean, it that prosecutors in court on a question whom they represent, answered - the state. It appears, the state more has no cares, except this. Today the state is anxious with Zhvaniya's nationality, and tomorrow it, the states, interests become our nationality, religion, skin color, etc. "They" call it democracy? So that this decision was purely political, and it at anybody doesn't raise doubts.

Other question consists in that, why David Zhvaniya began "to expose" Victor Yushchenko's poisoning? Revenge? But what for? After all poisoning still(and passed four years, - a bus.)by consequence it isn't proved, there is no judgment in this respect. And no, judgments, so aren't known customers and performers, actually. There is no crime structure, speaking to legal language. Therefore Zhvaniya's which are generously distributed the interviews, generally to oppositional mass media, look shocking, and, at the same time, cause bewilderment.

Not less shocking data from lips of the personal doctor, and in combination the deputy Glava of the secretariat Victor Yushchenko, concerning carrying out 24 were heard (! ! ! ) operations under the general anesthesia, transferred the President, in connection with consequences of poisoning with dioxine which, according to the same doctor, already for 90 percent is removed from Victor Andreevich's organism. The impression is made that all this badly smelling fuss with deprivation of nationality of Zhvaniya and the subsequent "swindle exposures with poisoning of the President" was started to draw intentionally attention and to lift fallen to it is impossible a rating of a presidential branch of the power by forcing of pity and just indignation of the people. Instead of the clever, multiple-pass and hardly noticeable public of a game of politics our "tops" prefer the game "in Chapayev". That there to think and count courses when it is possible to send click of fingers the opponent for a board … Or to pretend.

Again opponents and advocates of any OUN - unitary enterprise became more active. And while in Hugo - east areas from time to time pass meetings - pickets of opponents, in the Ternopol area, for example, on the basis of the museum OUN - unitary enterprise opened summer camp for the youth, calculated on 80 people. Young men and girls will wear an insurgent uniform, to live according to the schedule of upovets, to study bases of hand-to-hand fight, explaining the ground, military tactics, ideological, religious and medical training of soldiers of unitary enterprise. Communication of youth with veterans of unitary enterprise is provided also. Coolly?

And known for the non-standard approaches to all events in Ukraine and beyond its limits the Bratstvo party under the leadership of D. Korchinsky initiated creation of broad social movement "Russians for the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA)". In particular, "bratchik" note that "for overcoming of the conflict kindled by irresponsible politicians, for the sake of destruction of the hostile myths imposed to us" ripened need of creation of broad social movement "Russians for unitary enterprise". "It is similar to well proved and more and more popular international movement "Jews for Jesus", - activists specified.

Ironically so, on - корчински. The clever person will laugh, and silly - will draw conclusions.

And finally I will share absolutely terrible news. In Rada it is planned to adopt the law on prohibition of communistic and nazi symbolics in the territory of Ukraine. I have about it two questions: who will paint over razmalevanny swastikas - sickles - hammers fences and walls of houses in the cities and rural lands of our homeland, and whether the name of the above article falls under this law(all - the legendary divisional commander Chapayev was a symbol of the Soviet era, - a bus)? Here such here game …

Igor Pokh


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