The governor Garkusha needled the chief облздрава Hotina: "Areas do nothing that the medicine worked properly"

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On taken place on December 24 a press - conferences of the governor of the Nikolaev areaAlexey Garkusha, on which "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" invited for the first time for long time (as critically adjusted edition), the head of area never said surnames of the chief of regional management of health careSvetlana Hotina. However unambiguously I hinted at it when well very critically I spoke about a situation with tuberculosis and reforming of rural medicine.

According to the head of area, all those measures which can be accepted for fight against tuberculosis aren't taken. After all people with an open form of this illness visit public places, go in public transport. But the governor not only scolded, but also praised, of course, only not someone concrete, and as a whole, probably, the regional state administration and its chief director:

- To regional antitubercular clinic this year so many funds were allocated, how many were never allocated earlier, - he told.

The governor stated fears on the fact that from one thousand inhabitants of area only 450 people passed fluorographic inspection. And to improve a situation, from the regional budget (at the expense of its overfulfillment) it was allocated 5,5 million hryvnias on which five mobile flyuorograf are bought.

As for reforming of rural medicine,Alexey GarkushaI told:

- On the one hand, areas pretend that worry about this question. And on the other hand, don't do anything that the medicine properly worked. Today many areas have no to 30 percent of doctors with the higher education. And the institution which is called as the central regional hospital, executes functions at best out-patient clinics. So tell who liquidates today hospitals:the higher authority or, probably, the one who has to be sponsored by these questions?

We will remind,Svetlana Hotinamore than once I said that the problem of shortage of shots is All-Ukrainian - from the country "brains" run. And differently also can't be, after all today the young doctor receives approximately as much, how many and the student of a grant. So, maybe, the regional state administration will think finding out opportunity and to increase to doctors in the Nikolaev area of a rate?


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