Onopenko lost fight for the main court on elections?

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Conference of judges of administrative courts of Ukraine assigned to Alexander Pasenyuk fulfillment of duties of head the Highest админсуда.

As report sources, according to the solution of conference Pasenyuk has to execute these powers before legislative settlement who carries out appointment to admindolzhnost in vessels.

133 delegates voted for this decision, against - 43 persons.

In the Highest админсуде the complaints connected with presidential elections will be considered.

Sources report that Onopenko personally was present at conference and opposed Pasenyuk's election, reasoning that the five-year term of its powers came to an end on December 22.

It is known that the protege Onopenko to this position was the deputy head the Highest админсуда Nikolay Sirosh who assigned fulfillment of duties of head to itself.

At the same time at conference there were also deputies from Party of Regions Lavrinovich and Kivalov who supported Pasenyuk's nomination.

The deputy from BYuT Andrey Portnov админсудов on Pasenyuk's advantage considers the solution of conference of judges as "Vasily Onopenko's next defeat".

"Onopenko bears personal responsibility for large-scale corruption in vessels, a diarchy in the Supreme administrative court", - he added.

"Besides today the Constitutional court recognized that actions of the head of the Supreme Court on the organization of appointment of judges on an admindolzhnost were anticonstitutional", - Portnov told.

According to the deputy to stop anarchy in the judicial case and to define who carries out appointment to administrative positions in vessels, parliament has to approve urgently changes in the law "About Judicial System".

It is known that the parliament went on vacation till January 19, 2009.


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