Lutsenko calmed Yanukovych: "Golden eagle" won't go for storm of Mezhigorya

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The leader of "National self-defense", the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO absolutely rejects statements of certain politicians for possibility of storm by special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Golden eagle" of the residence "Mezhigorye" where the party leader of regions Victor YANUKOVYCH now lives.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he declared it today on a press - conferences in Rivnom.

"It is absolute nonsense, it, of course, can't be", - I told Yu.LUTsENKO.

Thus the minister noted that now "a lawful way" to deal with how V. Yanukovych received in property the state residence, no as "People's Deputies from Party of Regions, using the status of the member of commission of inquiry which was created absolutely in other occasion, withdrew the documents concerning Mezhigorya".

As reported the UNIAN, on September 2 the Vyshgorodsky district state administration gave on request of parliamentary VSK led by Nikolay the IRISH JIG all documents which confirm residence purchase by V. Yanukovych.

On December 15 the Party of Regions declared preparation by Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc of provocations against V. Yanukovych.

"One of them - with involvement of fighters of "Golden eagle" disguised as a civil form who under cover of People's Deputies BONDARENKO And AREVA have to rush force on the territory of the natural boundary of Mezhigorye where there is a house in which YANUKOVYCH" lives, - it is spoken in the statement.

In V. Yanukovych's staff claim that "after penetration of a task force in number of 200 people, berkutovets and People's Deputies have to carry out on the territory where the candidate for president lives, one thousand people whom the deputy Anatoly the SEVEN-FOOT" directs.

Thus, by words "regionals", the deputy Vladimir ARYEV, "to which the task of media providing an action is set, has to make everything that on TV screens there was a reporting from which it has to be visible that allegedly all territory Mezhigorya belongs to YANUKOVYCH".


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