In Nikolaev while the former Minister of Education Stanislav Nikolayenko turned on a chair, the main communist Pyotr Simonenko told about bright future

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Main communist of the countryPyotr SimonenkoI arrived to Nikolaev to hold a so-called forum of social safety. In business - the Aleksandrovsky center local communists gathered. In presidium sat the People's DeputyVladimir Matveev, which actually conducted a forum, the former Minister of EducationStanislav Nikolayenko, the main character, and also the head of SDPU(O), he is an authorized representativeSimonenko Yury Zagorodny.

Spoke about how everything is bad and as communists will make well. In the beginning local communists who told about decline in shipbuilding, agriculture, about a menacing demographic situation and so on acted. All this timeStanislav Nikolayenkabout very clearly I showed how to it here it is uninteresting. It that scratched the top, something looked for under a table, considered contents of the portfolio, sometimes in a whisper exchanged words with sitting next. Generally, mimicry and gesturesNikolayenkosimply shouted as all events around aren't pleasant to it.

Photos are placed in a chronological order (are made within half an hour during performance of local Nikolaev communists) below.

At a tribune the deputy of regional council Igor Ovdiyenko, the assistant нардепа Anatoly Romanyuk, the director of the museum of a name of Vereshchagin Sergey Roslyakov, the deputy of a regional council Sergey Puchkov) in turn acted.

Most often during performances Stanislav Nikolayenko shut the face with the hands.As though it is a shame to it with something

Probably, the former minister very much liked the speech acting

It seemed, now will begin to cry

Without comments

It is more than photo

It is necessary to tell that too quite often I closed hands a face and a breastYury Zagorodny.Vladimir Matveevonly a few time I touched to an ear. Least of all gestures was atPyotr Simonenko.


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