In 2010 the Tiger will force politicians to jump. That promise stars to the Nikolaev politicians

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Year of the Metal Tiger in the sphere of policy promises changes, shocks, arrival to the power of new people, unexpected outcomes of behind-the-scenes intrigues, probably, use of force and the beginning of structural reforms. Thus important political events drop out for the periods of the extreme astrological events often having an inconsistent focus.

The horoscope gives up few hopes that presidential election in January will bring definiteness in a political situation in Ukraine. The period of the middle and the end of 2010 is much more significant.
Astrologers with great attention watch planet movement Saturn which behavior defines the purposes, the main tendencies and the directions of human life in 2010. Saturn will begin 2010 with retrograde movement, having moved at first from constellation Scales to constellation of the Maiden where forms significant opposition to a planet Uranium and only in June, 2010 again will find direct movement on the heavenly arch. Besides for June, 2010 the partial lunar eclipse which has been precisely positioned on the Cancer axes - the Capricorn which in turn include in this aspect Pluto and Saturn which is by this time in constellation of the Maiden, and also a planet Jupiter and Uranium is necessary.

At the beginning of summer we are expected by certain strong-willed decisions or actions of global character, can change alignment of forces around the world.
In August in a horoscope some disturbing connections are formed: brutal, strong spirit and the connection of Mars oversaturated by power industry and Saturn in constellation of doubts of a zodiac sign Scales, and also connection of Saturn with Uranium in constellation of the Aries while Pluto in constellation of the Capricorn forms a hitch with the ascending knot of a lunar orbit. It is possible to tell that by the end of summer in a horoscope for 2010 there is a picture of extreme situations, thus with polar values.
Astrologers expect a step-by-step aggravation of a situation which all will occur jumps in process of creation in world political arena of new precedents as reaction to pressure from various centers of force.
The last days years of a white Tiger become apogee of events of all 2010. In a horoscope it is possible to note that the planet Jupiter strengthens all year influence of gloomy Uranium, continuously following a parallel course. Besides, in the second decade of December, 2010 the planet Mars will connect to Pluto on the line of the ascending knot of a lunar orbit that, undoubtedly, will glorify human ambitions. Moreover, predatory Mars, will meet the end of the year in the last degrees of the Sagittarius known for impulsiveness and haste, and in the first degrees of constellation of the Capricorn, considerably strengthening influences of all astrological aspects of a horoscope for the end of 2010.
The star enchanting spectacle of the last days of December as during a winter solstice on December 21-22, 2010 (the most long night), the total lunar eclipse will take place becomes worthy end. It is necessary to add that this astrological phenomenon will occur on the axial line of Pluto and a planet Mars.
It is possible to say with big confidence that 2010 is the critical, sign period defining our life for decades forward. Ahead, at least, years of heavy structural transformations and world repartition.

For Ukraine and Nikolaev stars specify that elections won't bring stability, rigid fight and frequent changes will take place in all year. The probability of change of political system in the country is great.

Too there is a lot of in a horoscope for 2010 of a planet Mars, constellations of the Capricorn and a planet Pluto that potentially means a set of secret games and strategic plans mixed up with a brute force. However, the second half of 2010 promises to be more constructive.
The most important dates when influence of the processes happening in personal and public horoscopes, on events in political arena will be great: 15, on January 21; February 17; 7, on March 21; 13, on April 29; May 27-31; June 8,12; July 17; 3, on August 12-22; September 23,28; October 6,17; December 6,12.

And now some most general words that prepares year of the White Metal Tiger for the Nikolaev politicians proceeding from their zodiac signs.

Aries and Rabbit:Anatoly Dyumin. As well as to all Arieses, 2010 promises to Anatoly Dyumin the beginning of serious changes in work and a habitual way of life which will get the permission much later. Haste with adoption of important decisions in the first half of year is dangerous. And its sign of east horoscope doesn't advise Dyumina to be got involved in adventures.Essential task - to keep on the positions taken earlier.

Taurus and Horse:Alexander ZholobetskyandSergey Isakov. 2010 promises all Tauruses many benefits which will be generated by problems of other people. But it is worth remembering that new opportunities will be opened only by friends, and to be ready to frequent changes of plans. The tiger is rather generous in relation to the Horse, but results of his protection won't keep within in advance prepared calculations. For the Taurus and Sergey Mayboroda's Boar the forecast is similar, adjusted for features of its sign of east horoscope: The tiger adds to Boars of rigidity and determination who will help to increase their material well-being, but become painful surprise for friends and acquaintances.

Among known Nikolaev politicians at once three treat a sign of the Rat:Roman Zabzalyuk,Yury GranaturovandVladimir Chaika. To all Rats in a year of the Tiger it won't be cozy: they don't love tigerish turbulent and inconsiderate character. If there is no desire to find shelters in a family, it is necessary to rely on life experience, professionalism and in advance laid up new projects.

Some specifications can be made on a zodiac horoscope. For the CancerZabzalyukait is especially important not to give in to a temptation to act rashly: the mistake is inevitable at this time. Also the Tiger can demand execution of debts concerning former partners. At LevGranaturovaall first half of year will be continuous provocation of irritability and irascibility, besides continually it is necessary to come back to that seemed made earlier. However, to "cat's relatives" the Tiger promises the quite good financial remuneration for concern. And here to ScalesTo seagullfor compensation of "rat" problems it is necessary to involve all the ability to convince other people. Besides danger of unreasoned financial expenditure and retraction in the solution of absolutely others problems, especially in the second half of year is great.

Three more politicians were born under the sign of the Maiden:Alexander Sadykov,Gennady ZadyrkoandIgor Dyatlov. The most essential events in life of Maidens in a year of the Tiger fall on the sphere of private life. And in the public it is worth remembering extraction threat on light of the hidden secrets and to be ready to a compromise. For the Dragon -Sadykovathe last amplifies also tendencies of its sign of east horoscope:the career objectives can be successfully achieved if the jealous Tiger considers applied means rather honest. And here to the Sheep -Zadyrkoyear of the Tiger will provide many chances for achievement of financial success if that manages to correct misses which will be allowed at the beginning of a year. Been born in a year of the RoosterTo Dyatlovit is worth forgetting about rest and to be ready to continuous fights, whether with competitors for sales markets, whether in competition for higher position.

Scorpion and Tiger:Nikolay Kruglov. In general - that, for Scorpions year difficult, it is necessary to concentrate on defense, on protection of the achievements. In too time his patron Tigr has to help to wrap up surprises arising within a year in own favor, it is important not to give in on provocation and not to be involved in others conflicts. The success requires three conditions: to care of the health and to work, and once again to work...

Sagittarius and Dog:Tatyana Demchenko. Year of very rough changes, take-off and falling. Often - successful combination of circumstances, especially in the spring. But it is necessary to avoid the conflicts to the administration and influential people, especially at the end of spring and in the summer, differently it will halloo serious problems subsequently. And here in the financial sphere it is necessary to avoid sharp movements. By the way, for this sign moving on a new place a residence are very probable.

Two more of known Nikolaev politicians treat a sign of the Dragon:Alexey Garkushand andVadim Merikovin 2010 will receive many tempting offers. But it is necessary to remember that just concerning Dragons the Tiger will be the most scrupulous, and rigidly to slow down attempts to come to success by unfair means. Year for Aquarius - Garkusha in the sphere of finance, the organization of work of big collectives promises to be especially successful. But it is necessary to be ready to return, apparently, the solved problems 2009-го years. For Fishes - Merikova 2010-й becomes year one of the most rough in life. By the way, the horoscope advises to avoid doubtful offers and "muddy" people as all real prospects will be direct and unambiguous. Is more promising those offers on new work or activity which will arrive in the first half of year.

The great influence on many parties of public and political life is rendered by the regularities reflected by an avestiysky horoscope, based on 32 - a summer cycle of Saturn. On an avestiysky horoscope toty 2010 - the Turtle, and antitoty - the River Seagull.Year of the Turtle is very strongly connected with the earth, but at this time you shouldn't try to seize lands, to start big constructions. Favorable everything connected with cultivation of the earth or search of that is hidden underground - treasures, minerals. Year of the Turtle gives good luck to those who persistently and slowly goes to a goal. The highest charisma of year of the Turtle is connected with harmony and wisdom in relationship with the earth and the nature, knowledge and we understand the internal device and harmony of the world. At the same time antitoty years - the River Seagull - kindles insidiousness, untidiness, passion to the device of all intrigues in people, at least deprives of self-confidence.

What it is possible to advise our fellow citizens who are engaged in political activity? Be itself. For fresh politicians who have chance to update the power this year, it is especially important to combine persistent movement to a goal with harmony preservation with itself and world around. And then finally everything will develop in the best way from possible.
Victor Amirshadov,Center of political astroforecasts


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