Afghans defended the legitimate right of preferential journey

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The difference between people who really fight against violation of the rights, and those who receives political dividends from it, is especially sharply shown during the pre-election period. Consider in a press - service of the Nikolaev BYuT.

According to the legislation, Afghans have the right as to a single free pass the railway and intercity motor transport, and constant - all types city passenger, and also a railway and water transport of the suburban message and buses of suburban and long-distance routes.

However in practice in the Nikolaev area not everything was so simple as it is declared in capital offices.

As the deputy of the Nikolaev City Councilnoted known in a circle of AfghansSergey Palivoda, there was many handling from it "brothers on the weapon" rather unambiguous refusal by cashiersJSC NOPASandJSC Avtomobilistin issue of free tickets:

- In this situation the exit was one: to pass heavy, but a lawful judicial way for justice finding.

One of people, not indifferent soldiers to destinies - the Afghans who passed through death and have learned on indifference and forgetfulness of the country, them in the Afghan meat grinder that decided to pass such road the inhabitant of the village of Konstantinovkabecame sentEvgeny Rubbed - Markaryants.

- I not only Afghan. Long time I support Yulia Timoshenko and today to me hard and painfully to look how in our area try "to nullify" and cause all positive work of the Government discontent among all inhabitants. Thus consciously deceiving them.

Deception, according to Rubbed - Markaryantsa, consists in the following: the state transfers into the regional budget of means for compensation of journey of the preferential contingent of passengers, however this money doesn't reach drivers. Thus the management of the enterprises - carriers continues to increase the plan of delivery of revenue, and lack of compensation for preferential journey explains allegedly with lack of financing from the Government.

For the reference: only in 11 months of this year from the State budget 15,2 million UAH directly for journey compensation to exempts were received.Which category, naturally, includes also veterans of war in Afghanistan.
- But to me constantly said that the management of JSC NOPAS forbids us to issue "zero" tickets as to them the Government doesn't compensate preferential journey. But after all same lawlessness! Heads of stations purposely so arrive to cause a protest in pensioners. I perfectly know, in what party these regional chiefs appear. But after all so doesn't become. Fight for presidency of their leader shouldn't be carried out at the expense of elderly people and veterans of war, - the activist of BYuT Evgeny considers Rubbed - Markaryants.

More than two years this person achieved justice both in vessels, and in prosecutor's office, and in regional public administration. Vessels to it refused, officials YEAH manipulated the Law"About the status of veterans of war, a guarantee of their social protection", pointing to the right of a free pass only once in two years. Thus first deputy governorNatalya Brakovannotes that "the question of due providing with carriers of preferential category of citizens is on continuous control of the regional state administration". It turns out if not such activists as Rubbed - Makaryants and deputy addresses of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Zabzalyuk and deputies of local councils, the question would be solved further as it would be more favorable to be treated as in the state administration, and to party members of regions. And they constantly put barriers to soldiers - Afghans. Or privileges didn't give, or coupons and sheets of coupons on the right of obtaining tickets demanded, or station collecting raised.

However the Cabinet made changes in part of definition of privileges and need of supporting documents. Now sheets of coupons and coupons are necessary only for receiving a free pass once in two years (there and back) the railway, water, air or long-distance motor transport, or journey once in a year (there and back) the specified means of transport from 50% a discount (according to item 17 of Art. 12 of the Law of Ukraine "About the status of veterans of war, a guarantee of their social protection"). As for a free pass all types of city passenger transport, the public motor transport in rural areas, and also a railway and water transport of the suburban message and buses of suburban and long-distance routes, including raionwide, inside - and interregional irrespective of distance and the place of residence (according to item 7 of the Art.12 Laws of Ukraine "About the status of veterans of war, a guarantee of their social protection"), to participants of operations are provided receiving such right on presentation of the corresponding certificate. And any coupons, coupons and other.

However and after a careful explanation the staff of JSC NOPAS continues to be guided to indications of the administration, instead of laws of Ukraine. And only continuous fightEvgenia Rubbed - Markaryantsawith unwillingness of officials and business to make advances people in a complex with systematic work of the deputy of city councilSergey Palivodaand legislative activity of the People's DeputyRomana Sabsaluekagave necessary effect. Today each Afghan can by the right receive in each cash desk, or when landing out of autostation, the discount "zero" ticket which isn't a tip from a carrier, and serves as the proof of care of them the state.

Similar activity of our Afghans differs from policy of the head of the Nikolaev union of soldiers - internationalistsa littleAlexey Tokarev, which at rough declarations on the help to veterans only makes a helpless gesture and swings is white - a blue flag. And generally - that not a question essence: who and with whom. The problem is that one achieve general welfare, others try to manage to get under cover of party banners to themselves any privileges.

And, at last, the prosecutor of the Factory area brought the instruction to the managementJSC NOPASabout elimination of violations of legality. Not to bring turmoil in brains human.


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