Land scandals of Nikolaev

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Source: "News of the market of real estate"

In Nikolaev passions round transfer to private hands of lands of the Pobeda park largest in the city don't cease. Under the terms of the contract the tenant - JSC Tsunami-yug had to begin already in the first half of this year works on transformation of park in a zone of elite rest.

As followed from the contract, in the territory of park it was planned to construct торгово - an entertainment complex with a total area of 70 thousand sq.m, hotels, elite club, Yachts - club with a camping and an aquapark of the closed type. Total amount of the declared investments - from 80 to $100 million.

Outside already middle of summer, but neither works, nor money. Instead never-ending lawsuits.

This difficult history has deep roots. In 2004 the municipal enterprise "Nikolaev Parks" signed for 49 years the lease contract completely - a property complex of Pobeda park of 29 hectares with JSC Tsunami-yug and Business — Real firm. The city council acts against, and within three years refuses to approve procedures of allocation of land in rent.

Seeing it, JSC Tsunami-yug later appeals 3 years to Economic court of the Nikolaev area with the requirement to recognize these actions of city council illegal. Wins, and Chaika, obeying a judgment, in December, 2007 signs the direct lease contract of the earth between JSC Tsunami-yug and city council. It is a question already about 48 hectares, but rent term thus decreases to 5-and years.

The city council right there appeals to the Odessa appellate court which only in May of this year passes the decision to cancel the resolution of the Nikolaev economic court and to submit the case on new consideration to the Central district court of Nikolaev.

Now the parties returned to launching sites. JSC Tsunami-yug doesn't intend to refuse the project in which, according to the mayor Vladimir Chaika, 12 million UAH are already enclosed. The uncompromising position was taken also by deputies of city council. They consider that the areas planned under building, will lead to destruction of considerable part of a green zone and actually Victory park as that. But also parks so collapse.

Put in the summer of 1945 in honor of the Victory Day park, it actually settled the resource. Attractions "Big wheel", "An air roundabout", "Fighter aircrafts" were established in far 1962. In the same times the sports complex and a city beach of "Shooter" was put into operation. The only thing to that the attention - the territory of water station on the river Ingul was paid. Earlier it belonged to plants of "Ayr", "Equator", SZ of 61-guo Kommunara. Now in this place - improvised yachts - club. But it occupies the small territory in comparison with the total area of park of 72 hectares.

For it also there are disputes between deputies of city council and the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika on the one hand, the same mayor and the tenant - with another. Reaches espionage scandals. So, in December of the past year Chaika sensationally declared about detection in the study of the secret video camera, and hinted that the trace conducts to history with the Pobeda park earth.

Meanwhile threat hung and over other Nikolaev park zones. Construction closely is selected to small by the sizes to "Scaffold" parks, "Youth", "Komsomol", "Sports". Becomes ripe scandal with Druzhba park in the Ship area. The builder in 2005 reserved 17 hectares for design on this place торгово - the entertaining center "Karavan" with a condition of arrangement of adjacent park. But business didn't promote since then, and deputies seriously declare desire to break off the relations with the careless builder.

Many believe that in practice it is a question of changing interests business - the groups presented in Nikolaevsk city council. In the conditions of market corruption in borders of the city and growing land values the exit seems in the organization of open model of land auctions. But the local government complains about absence of legislative norms and passes process round, feeding the soil for new scandals.


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