The free is always inaccessible

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If you have no opportunity to buy the apartment, it is possible to try to receive it free of charge. The state surely will help you. Here only it is that case when promised three years wait at all, and much more long - often and life can not suffice. Alas, it not the joke, and most that on is objective reality …

More long centuries lasts …

On social housing we got turn in inheritance from the Soviet era. Together with monuments, holidays and names of streets. Today in Nikolaev for the turn on free square meters wait more than13 thousand families.From them more than4 thousandhave the right for prime receiving housing andmoremore than one thousand- on the extraordinary. We will especially make a reservation that the figures given above is a so-called turn of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Because at some enterprises there are, "departmental", turns.

Meanwhile, dynamics of providing nikolayevets social apartments is an excess occasion to be depressed. For example, in 2008 could improve the living conditions with the state help a little more than hundred families.

With such truly slow rates it will be possible to solve problems of all people on the waiting list only a century later …

Big-time social policy

The statistics on leaving 2009 - му too doesn't impress. Official sources mention 42 Nikolaev families which received apartments within a state program "Affordable housing". Still it is known of six tens young families which managed to get a soft loan according to the profile social program.

And, by the way, with these programs - one continuous leapfrog. For example, it is known after all that the Affordable housing project is an initiative still while acting Ukrainian president. At the same time, implementation of the mentioned program (and, equally, and all political dividends) just on the eve of "big" elections register in the account still operating the prime minister - the minister.

In other words, free apartments turned into very favorable political goods.And be at the Ukrainian power more money, experience of "imperial" and "totalitarian" Russia would be adopted remorselessly. There today the state at the expense of budgetary funds actively buys up houses at large construction companies suffering disaster. Also distributes apartments to people on the waiting list. People on the waiting list as soon as don't pray on Medvedev's tandem - Putin and all can't guess in any way that, finally, helps - that state not to them, and owners of corporations.

In Russia, however, so it is possible to have a good time because the stock of petrodollars there didn't run low yet. And in Ukraine of spare cash simply never was …

As in Africa

But in Ukraine there is legislatively fixed social standard of living space. Depending on the city it is6-7 square meterson the person. By the way, exactly as much, how many in Zimbabwe.

And in the average Ukrainian apartment today, often, there live representatives at once three, and even four generations. However, even if you divided some tens square meters into all children - members of household and came to a conclusion that six or seven "squares" well it doesn't turn out in any way - you don't hurry to rejoice. Because the Ukrainian state provides free apartments only in the most extreme cases. There is 47th article of the Constitution where it is told that "to citizens who need social protection, the housing is provided by the state and local governments, is free or on payment available to them". And such categories of citizens only two. These are orphans or children without parental support. And still it is residents of emergency or unsuitable buildings for accommodation.

Plus to everything, is also other social categories before which the state too has certain obligations. For example, law enforcement officers, teachers and large families are among "pervoocherednik". And to number of "extra people on the waiting list" - participants of the Great Patriotic War, disabled veterans and liquidators of consequences of the Chernobyl accident.

In other words, people it is gathered much. Therefore today 2,5 million Ukrainian families stand in a conditional national queue on receiving housing. Thus in words and paper in the country more than ten programs, which purpose - to solve housing problems of compatriots work. In them it is talked at all only about free housing, but also about preferential crediting of various categories of citizens.Alas, but realization of the majority of programs while stands still and if moves, with pro-slippings. And the capital lays the blame on careless local performers, and those, in turn, is bad frown, looking towards Kiev.

Also it is that case when confusion of local authorities can be understood. Because to execute the law them obliged, but any funds didn't allocate. And at all didn't explain, in what such corner of the local budget they can be found. As a result in ten (!) years of action of the program of provision of housing for youth in the Nikolaev area only 265 soft credits were allocated. Certainly, it is more, than zero, but figure why - that all the same doesn't impress …

Long road to the house

And if all of you decided to risk and at least to try to get in line for the free apartment, consider that it is necessary to run much and long to prove the financial insolvency. Also keep in mind that you have no chances to get to number of people on the waiting list if in a family there is at least one person of efficient age who isn't engaged in public works. (By the way, in present crisis times it not only not a rarity, but more likely the most widespread phenomenon. )

When will pass some months, and you will collect all documents (the most general and conditional list is provided in the annex to this article), officials, having armed with calculators, will begin to consider long - whether the free apartment is put to you. Such exotic earnings, as "the income from preparation of mushrooms, berries, herbs" or "the income of hunters from sale of the production" will be considered even.

Certainly, each case will be individually considered, but the formula of calculations is all the same universal for any situation: the cost of all property of a family will add on to the cumulative income of all her members for the maximum term of expectation of the apartment - and thus a certain conditional living wage will turn out. And only if it becomes clear that this sum doesn't suffice on the new apartment on norms of granting (those 6-7 sq.m on the person) or a mortgage loan, a family write down in needy and attach in a tail of already available many thousands turn.

And further - it is necessary to have patience and to wait … Who knows, can to you will carry still during lifetime.



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