Yanukovych's room schemes with the assistance of the mother-in-law (investigation)

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In 2003, except receiving housing in the residence "Mezhigorye" territory, the party leader of regions Victor YANUKOVYCH who then there was a prime minister - the minister of Ukraine, received from the state also the capital apartment of 184 sq.m in a new building in the prestigious district of the capital. It managed to be found out to "The Ukrainian truth" during journalistic investigation.

As reports the Internet - the edition, V. Yanukovych privatized in Kiev rooms to the address: Vladimirskaya Street, 49-and, apartment 100. Unitary enterprise the relevant decisions of privatization authority of the Shevchenkovsky district of Kiev of October 14, 2003

were available

"In an ideal, these apartments have to be distributed to exempts, people on the waiting list, yard keepers, militiamen in the beat and so forth. And actually apartments from a free quota in such elite houses are received by the authorities or close persons to them", - is spoken in the publication.

The journalist unitary enterprise, having studied documents, claims that, privatizing the apartment, V. Yanukovych in documents specified members of the family - the wife Lyudmila, the younger son - now the deputy - Victor and the mother-in-law Valentina DAVYDOVA.

"The last testifies to anything another, as to desire to increase the metric area of housing which is privatized free of charge. Under the law, free privatization of housing is carried out at the rate of 21 sq.m of total area on one family member plus in addition 10 sq.m on all family. The area of the apartment which was privatized by V. Yanukovych, made 184 meters", - is spoken in article.

Thus, notes unitary enterprise, V. Yanukovych paid for additional 90 sq.m to the state of 16 hryvnias 24 kopeks. "But, obviously, V. Yanukovych wasn't up to the end confident in purity of the applied schemes. Because right after privatization of this apartment it got rid of it, - there is a speech in article. - Thus, on October 14, 2003 there is a decision on privatization of the apartment of V. Yanukovych. Already next day it is registered in the Kiev BTI is incredibly quickly on bureaucratic canons. In a week, on October 22, 2003 V. Yanukovych, his wife and the son amicably solve...to present three quarters of the apartment ought to them to Valentina DAVYDOVA, V. Yanukovych's mother-in-law. Thus, the prime minister - the minister and other carriers of his surname don't shine any more in the scheme".

And on October 29, 2003 "the pensioner V. DAVYDOVA who at that time could move only by means of a wheelchair, decides to exchange this apartment down the street Vladimir, received free of charge, for other room, it is twice more by the size, down the street than Ivan Mazepa, 10. V. Yanukovych's mother-in-law signs the contract of an exchange with the citizen of Ukraine by the name of Valery KOCHEREV. On the Vladimir area of 184 sq.m she received housing for apartments on Mazepa St. of 384 sq.m plus a parking on 18 meters. At what I estimated these two absolutely inadequate objects of BTI at the identical sum. That forced mister of KOChEREVA to go to such victims, remained a riddle", notes unitary enterprise.

"All this happened in 2003. And in 2008 V. Yanukovych sold housing down the street I. Mazepa for 33 million hryvnias to the member of the same party Sergey KLYUEV and for legalizuyemy thus means bought a manor in "Mezhigorye". Considering with what this room epic began, it is clear that V. Yanukovych actually "earned" this money thanks to the free apartment which someone from people on the waiting list would have to receive - state employees", notes the edition.

We will remind, in October, 2009 when the correspondent of "The Ukrainian truth" asked, how many V. Yanukovych paid money for the house in "Mezhigorye", that flared up: "Listen, to you still many to live. Remember that God sees everything! ". On a remark that he means, V. Yanukovych answered: "Don't throw words around".


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