Audience negatively perceives advertizing of candidates

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Video - advertizingVictor Yanukovychit isn't pleasant to youth, and advertizingYulia Timoshenkowell perceive women.

Results of the research Kwendi Impact&testify to it Recall Rating of political rollers in October - December, 2009.

"Actually, it is possible to speak about rejection of political advertizing by audience - as soon as the audience understands that sees the roller advertizing the candidate, their relation becomes sharply negative", - note in the company.

"The Ukrainian voter was tired of political conflicts - vital rollersTymoshenkoandYatsenyukareceived much less negative assessment, than those rollers in which charges to opponents" sound, - authors of research add.

In Kwendi assume that "the negative emotions connected with charges to authorities in power cause indignation in TV viewers not so much in itself, how many as obvious attempt of manipulation by their opinion".

According to the company, rollersTymoshenko,Arseniy YatsenyukandVladimir Litvininfluence female audience better.

RollersYanukovychandSergey Tigipko"not only are similar plots, but also received a similar demographic profile - the audience is more senior than 30 years was negative to them less".


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