Not the fact that a recreation center "Dawn" will be the youth House, and Officers' Club — the Nikolaev regional philharmonic hall

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Yet the fact that a recreation center "Dawn" will be the youth House, and Officers' Club - regional philharmonic hall. The press - conferences the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha let know it on today's.

We will remind that the city authorities of Nikolaev, at insistance of the youth organizations, it seems, prepare a recreation center "Dawn" under a town house of youth. But the deputy governor Vladimir Lusta once sounded that in the Palace there will be a regional philharmonic hall.

Garkusha not against neither that, nor another. Problems aren't present, he speaks. Moreover - "the question isn't basic", it is just necessary to think and make together everything the decision.

- I met the minister of the industry Novitsky, and we spoke about transferring (a recreation center "Dawn" - a bus) to use it, probably, under philharmonic hall though under philharmonic hall planned Officers' Club. But there very serious means are necessary. And it is pure on - master's it is a pity to take these means from medicine, the same culture and other branches to put in one room.

- We looked for other options. Offered - the Minister agreed. At the same time the city (the Nikolaev city authorities - a bus) addressed in the Ministry. We met the mayor, talked over...

As Alexey Garkusha told, he with the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika had an oral arrangement. Offers on transfer being at home officers in city property sounded earlier. In turn, "area" was ready to accept Zarya Palace of culture in the property. The idea to make the House of youth of "Dawn" arose at the city power much later.

- For today a situation is as follows: if it (Officers' Club - a bus) will be transferred to the city, - it isn't taken out to other area, to other country. It will be used in the benefit, and God grant that it effectively worked, - the governor told. - Therefore it has to be already transferred upon from Ministry property промполитики to the city of Nikolaev.

- As for fleet Officers' Club, certainly, it is necessary to look that farther to do... The budget of Ukraine isn't approved.And, of course, we should work in conditions when the law provided financing at a rate of the one twelfth of last year. It is essential, very serious blow. And it is difficult to present that in these conditions it is possible to be developed and make investments, say, in repair of this building. Investors who stood in a queue (desire was before crisis) today it isn't looked through. Today in general anybody anything - even isn't present offers. There are problems, will think how to leave. And as for that (a recreation center "Dawn" - a bus), I think, the city intelligently will dispose with these of the palace.

Journalists asked the governor and about, whether transfer of one of objects unilaterally, not in the form of an exchange is possible. The mayor, in particular, spoke that if the regional state administration will transfer to DOF city, the city will find opportunity to order it.

- It is possible to raise a question, - Garkusha told. - But looking at overall performance of the power on дерибану, there are doubts. And this only thing that in any degree constrains.

- It is today in regional municipal property. It is people property, instead of property someone separate. It is necessary to sit down and define purpose. And deputies of regional council, making decisions, too have to know that there will be. Those who accepts (in municipal property - a bus), have to take the obligation, undersign that it will be used in the such - that the purposes.

But there is also other problem - regional philharmonic hall on - any has no place to disappear. About where "to lodge" her, conversations are had some years.

YEAH suggested the Ministry of Internal Affairs to transfer to the regional possession Department of Internal Affairs club. According to Garkusha, this room would be ideally suited for placement in it of philharmonic hall as the best acoustics, than there, in the city isn't present more anywhere. But also the Ministry of Internal Affairs, seemingly, isn't eager to leave such good room.

- I already repeatedly spoke also to Vladimir Dmitriyevich, and publicly sounded that it is necessary to sit down and create the working group of experts - both from area, and from the city, to define the list of objects which need to be reported (each other - a bus)... But, unfortunately, except "yes", anything in this direction doesn't move...


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