The car as the tool of political murder

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When on the Moscow highway at an increased speed прет a foreign car of black color with cool numbers, it is clear that it either the large state official, or the mediocre oligarch, or "authority". To GAI officers, as a rule, the passenger is known. To brake it to itself is more expensive. The car is accompanied by protection, and with it to interpret is useless. But also to such reckless driver the end can imperceptibly creep. It happened more than once.

When someone something is afraid, ashamed or wishes to make punishment, the skilled killer takes the wheel of the counter car with shameless mercilessness. Question - who the customer? Today our history how in the espionage world the car use as the tool of political murder.

At the end of November, 1992 in the middle of opposition of the left communists and the come democrats automobile killers were in special demand.

It became known that the former Czechoslovak leader Alexander Dubchek agreed to arrive to Moscow. I wanted to act as the witness in court in the matter of CPSU. I wasn't in time. I died in the Prague hospital as a result of the wounds got in road accident. The documents which were at Dubchek at the time of accident, disappeared from the car (it is characteristic that after Dubchek in Warsaw the former Polish prime minister Pyotr Yaroshevich whom too invited to Moscow as the witness in the matter of CPSU was lost). In the West of preparation of attempts at these witnesses accused the Russian intelligence services.

The organized road accident

In the MORNING on December 1, 1992 on 74‑м kilometer of MKAD black "Mercedes" rushed. I hurried as this day the VII congress of People's Deputies opened. Decisive fight between B. Yeltsin and R. Khasbulatov was outlined. The first deputy chief of Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation the general - the colonel Yury Aleksandrovich Gusev was the passenger.The person to whom are known not only all problems загранрезидентур for the GRU, all valuable foreign agency and all operations which were performed during this period to the abroad but also which - that, capable to affect a deal of political forces in the country. Suddenly the driver of the car of the general felt unwell and fainted. After convulsive turn of a wheel the car threw out on an oncoming lane. There was a front meeting with "Zhiguli". Cars - in a flat cake. Yu. Gusev and both passengers of "Zhiguli" were lost. Details of this not ordinary autoincident long disappeared. Then there were data on results of examination. It was established that to the driver of the general there was a faint. The reason - unknown toxin of contact action. Found witnesses who saw how in yard of the house of the general to his car when the driver went to buy cigarettes, the unknown young man approached and touched a wheel. So there was a death No. 1 version.

Version No. 1: Cultural values of Russia?

It BECAME CLEAR that the day before the Minister of Defence Shaposhnikov as if charged to the general to be engaged in the Amber room. In this regard the last in conversation with the journalist S. Turchenko allegedly told: "Let's say I know where there are an Amber room and other values. But forces hiding this secret, are that that tell I to you about it, in a week neither you, nor I won't be alive".

The version about death of the general as a result of his "exit" to secret of the Amber room looks very improbably. In - the first if it also obtained new data, before triumphal return of this value to Russia he not only to journalists, but also a family - that wouldn't began to tell the about it. As a result of any leak it is possible to lose the status of the national hero. In - the second as this information in GRU possessed not only Yu. Gusev, his elimination for this reason interested in concealment of location of the Amber room doesn't influence situation in any way. In - the third even if any secret forces also protect this information, so quickly they can react only in the territory and in any way in the capital of Russia.

Version No. 2: "Uncontrollable"

There was other information which sheds light on the incident. The matter is that the group of employees of the military investigation which is especially close to Gusev, made the investigation. The bases to call it in question much less, than the version about the Amber room.

Having occupied Gorbachev's office in the Kremlin at the end of December, 1991., Yeltsin in a week started reforming the Ministry of Defence. For a start I abolished Group of general inspectors. The opposition resisted as could. The constitutional court of the Russian Federation cancelled B. Yeltsin's decree about merge of the ministries of safety and internal affairs. Then Yeltsin signed the new decree - about creation of the Ministry of safety of Russia. I moved away V. Bakatin who has made the business and I made a mistake, having appointed to a post of the minister Victor Barannikov. It made the second mistake when agreed to appoint to a position of the first deputy chief of GRU of the General Staff aviation general Yu. Gusev. The last developed too rough activity on the Caucasian and Central Asian directions, having joined with frankness peculiar to it and a pressure in opposition with B. Yeltsin.

The head of the Ministry of safety of the Russian Federation V. Barannikov supported Yu. Gusev. Moreover, at the end of November I transferred to the general the list supporting agents of ideological influence of KGB. The list contained 2200 names of known people in the highest echelons of power who promoted at Yeltsin. Now they represented visible public, political and enterprise figures of new Russia. The fearless general of GRU had to sound the list. The blow to Yeltsin's environment could be fatal.

In a lobby of intelligence services "patrioty" said that after death of the general Gusev the group of officers of GRU was allegedly transferred to the reserve, having organized peculiar "a death squadron". Liquidated about 40 people guilty of disorder of the country. Accused of the organization of public disorders V. Barannikov, having left Lefortovo, suddenly I died in Moscow in the summer of 1995.

From history of political arrivals of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs - MGB

IN the TERRITORY of the USSR politicians perished more than once as a result of road accidents.

In 1939 it was reported that in road accident the envoy of the USSR in China I. Bovkunluganets and his wife broke to death. The chief 3‑го a special department of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the USSR of Tsereteli claimed that victims were large foreign spies. Their elimination was allegedly necessary for misinformation of a foreign intelligence service. There shouldn't have known that their agents are arrested. It became clear that elimination was carried out personally by Tsereteli and Vladzimirsky. Killed the ambassador and his wife wooden hammers in the train.

In 1947 in Uzhgorod security officers P. Sudoplatov, S. Savchenko and G. Mayranovsky at N. Khrushchev's personal request and with the permission of I. Stalin arranged a car accident.The archbishop of the Ukrainian uniatsky church Romzha supporting close connections with OUN and Vatican was as a result liquidated.

Then in 1951 in Moscow in a road accident under mysterious circumstances the leader of the westernized direction in the Soviet policy Maxim Litvinov was lost. Earlier he was an envoy in London, New - York and Geneva. On a post of the Foreign Commissar I replaced Chicherin. On this post Litvinov remained till 1939.

In 1953 on vacation in Georgia broke in the car known public and the politician of France Yves Farge. It was going to inform truthfully the West public on a being of "business of doctors". I wasn't in time.

And in 1962 the outstanding physicist, the founder of school, the honorary member of Royal academy in London, the member of academies in Holland, Denmark and the USA, the Nobel Prize laureate of 1962 academician Lev Davidovich Landau got to a road accident. In KGB him considered "anti-Soviet as the adjusted person". Bases: after "the Hungarian events" the Soviet system he called fascist, and heads of party and the government - executioners.

High ranks of GRU often perish

FROM MATERIALS of investigations of road accidents the technology of act of terrorism appears. In the beginning - jeweler, with a delay, as if in billiards, blow of a front bumper of the truck in the right back lamp of the car of the victim. Then, when the car throws out on an oncoming lane, as "cleaner" "KAMAZ" or "KRAZ" going on an oncoming lane acts. So was several times. It is remarkable that the high-ranking military became objects of act of terrorism suspiciously often.

In February 1993-го on the way to the Lake Keys airport near Vladivostok as a result of collision of office "Volga" with "ZIL" the head of department of military counterintelligence of the Pacific fleet counter - the admiral Nikolay Egorkin died. It hurried with the report to Moscow, on meeting of heads of intelligence services and law enforcement agencies of Russia on problems of fight against organized crime and corruption.

In May, 1996 the drunk militiaman Spirin by the car made arrival as a result of which one of heads of GRU of the General Staff of VS Russian Federation the general - the major A. Lomanov was lost.

In July, 1998 the deputy chief of Head department died in road accident on fight against organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the general - the major Boris Nikodimovich Baturin.

Exactly in a year in the Stupinsky Area of Moscow area on 105 - the m Kashirskoye Highway kilometer died in road accident the head of department of GRU the general - the major Ivan Shalaev. I didn't manage to drive "Toyotas" and I faced KRAZ truck. After blow a foreign car rejected aside, on following in the passing KAMAZ direction from Tashkent.

In September, 2002 on 45 - the m kilometer of Kiyevskoye Highway died in road accident one more general - the chief Glavnogo is rocket - artillery management of the Ministry of Defence.

There were all these accidents casual?


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