There is such party!

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In Ukraine 146 political parties are registered. In parliament only five are presented. But who has real access to the power and adoption of fatal decisions? In other words - whether it is possible to call someone in Ukraine the party in power, whether there is in general a similar phenomenon in our system?

To find though any positive review of any party in power it is rather difficult. Usually the mention of this concept is limited to the list of all negative moments connected with its activity, heated political debates or criticism of ambiguous actions of participants of party. Really party in power existence - such big evil which needs to be eradicated immediately? Whether only it is worth acting rashly, without having understood a situation, after all in fact even heavy to give definition of such party.

Parties different are necessary

That such terrible or unpleasant can be what one concrete party can be supported by all branches of the power or collect the vast majority of voices on elections what conducts to population association by uniform ideas? In itself this thought rather sensible and here a qualitative embodiment in life doesn't work well.

The term "party in power" became current in 1993 and since then received a set of treatments. But also now briefly to describe this phenomenon rather hard. The majority of experts focus attention on unity of economic and political interests of participants of party and a manipulation the population for power deduction. Sometimes define this concept quite harmlessly - simply as party which forms the parliamentary majority and supports the head of the country during elections and in "peace" time.

From rather offensive - the main characteristics which associate with this concept. Use of an administrative resource for achievement of necessary results, for example, on elections - how many already wrote about falsifications of presidential election of 2004 and how many still will write? Active involvement of civil servants in the ranks - though it in the majority nevertheless has to be on conscience of these employees.Opaque and unclear to the simple inhabitant formation of party lists - the inclusion question in electoral lists of cultural figures and sports gives rise to a subject for other not less extensive discussion.

Control of execution of all instructions proceeding "from above", - and removal or dismissal objectionable and disobedient. And, certainly, dictatorship of representatives of big business - yes, traditions of lobbying exist in all civilized world, but only at us all policy of the country was capable to look only small appendage to big economic dispute of large players.

In general - that the parties in power to be directly in corridors of the Verkhovna Rada absolutely optional. The definition charm also is in that that formally it can be at huge distance from government institutions. That actually it will be at all so, - other question. Really, very convenient phenomenon, after all the main thing - result, instead of how it is reached.

Indisputable plus of the party in power is that at its existence the parliament is capable to work much more effectively and fruitfully, than in the presence in the supreme legislative body of many parties with different views on this or that problem.

Nevertheless in Ukraine by concept the party in power especially aren't scattered and if use, in too foggy formulations: whether not up to the end understood whom to present such name, whether all - understood and don't want to draw a lot of attention. But the fine example of a successful embodiment in life of the concept of power party is near.

Russian phenomenon

Turn the head to the east where now there is one of the most striking examples of "party of power" - the party in power, and you will see much that interesting.

"United Russia" created in 2001 didn't become the one-time project as it happened to the Ukrainian attempts of a parties creation of the power (we will remember, for example, a political alliance "For uniform Ukraine" - names almost identical and as destinies differ). Putin's party as its many call, endured already some selective cycles. And how many it would be not not criticized by oppositionists that sociologists wouldn't speak about discrepancy of party electorate, at the last State Duma elections in December, 2007 of United Russia party members supported electorate more than a half.The Russian liberals, the Ukrainian democrats, the western observers can express any negative opinion concerning life in Russia - it excites Russians a little.

Here in what the most interesting paradox consists: completely approve a mode of party only about 20 percent of citizens. And vote - almost three times more. Phenomenon explanation rather simple: huge credibility to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who already confirmed the right to become the third Vladimir. Influence of gross domestic product on destiny of the people is comparable for a long time to Vladimir Veliky and Vladimir Ulyanov's reforms. The Russian party in power perfectly played on image of the chairman of the party - strict, but the fair father of all people. To Slavs the strong hand of the governor always was required. Leadership skills of the head of the party in power are capable to distract attention from all real and imagined minuses of its activity.

The only problem of "United Russia" is created only by the country in which she acts. After all any fortuneteller won't undertake to predict the political future of the Post-Soviet countries at least with a small accuracy for the next 15-20 years. After all there is no strategy of vision of this future, even the party already practically reconciled to that it is heavy to it to show the uniform document displaying ideology of party, the ideology was reduced to its absence as that.

In all this situation there is one reef. Completely supporting the power and party which represents it, delegating it all possible powers, society risks to become socially apathetic. Won't be to do any realized and reasoned political choice at the population any desire. Though anything especially bad in it isn't present. After all everything is quiet when everything suits all. Only similar succession of events at us is impossible. Political activity of Ukrainians which already became a subject for many jokes, despite all forecasts of sociologists and political scientists in the near future hardly too will fall.

Made in Ukraine

In Ukraine many applied for a rank of the party in power.

The first pronounced party in power at us called It is national - democratic party under the leadership of Pustovoytenko. Declaring fidelity to the principles of liberalism and democracy, and actually - representing interests of officials, long and happy political life at NDP didn't turn out.

United социал - democrats - team which managed to place at service to itself masses - media and Presidential Administration that guaranteed the beautiful base for any economic and political actions. Victor Medvedchuk himself became the gray cardinal, "the secretary of the power", and SDPU(O) to the party in power a little bit didn't hold on.

Presidential "our Ukraine", unfortunately (or fortunately? ) I couldn't show ability really to influence events in the country. Balogi have chances to correct this misunderstanding and "The uniform center". But Victor Ivanovich should compete to skilled players. The Party of Regions and BYuT happened at a power wheel, felt a leverage, among their management - charismatic leaders. In a similar situation a lot of things depend on ability to go on compromises. If this ability is absent - we receive picture of blocking of tribunes so habitual for Ukrainians in Rada and the most failure session of parliament for all modern history of Ukraine. If mind suffices someone to concede and restrain an ardor of ambitions - Ukraine can inexpressibly carry. At cooperation of two parties which alternately will be in power, prompt take-off not far off.

While the parties in power in Ukraine long don't exist. At most - one selective cycle. Whether it is connected with personal qualities of the management or with political system of the country as a whole - to judge rather difficult. There is no wish to receive the party in power in pure form with all its minuses, of course. But, probably, it is the only way to stable activity of parliament, lack of feeble efforts to division of the country and a logical step in development of Ukraine as a whole.


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