The dealers who have come to a meeting with Chaika, found only Zhenzherukhu

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Yesterday dealers of the spontaneous market with streets Budennogo, Ryumina and Dunayeva came at 20.00 to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies to a meeting with the mayor Vladimir Chaika. We will remind, during City Council picket on July 4 the mayor made to the women who have caught up it an appointment

for eight evenings, on Monday.

Vladimir Chaika as many also expected that, didn't come to a meeting. Instead of it the gathered sellers of a stikhiyka in the Small Hall of the City Council were accepted by his deputy supervising questions of trade, Alexander Zhenzherukha.

Alexander Zhorzhevich explained that Vladimir Dmitriyevich on Thursday went to business trip, to Astana (Kazakhstan), and will return only tonight. Also I added that in Astana there passes the International assembly of the large cities of the former CIS countries, and Vladimir Chaika as a part of delegation of mayors of Ukraine, represents there our city. Nevertheless, the press photographer of our site yesterday, at the beginning of the fifth evening, photographed Vladimir Dmitriyevich of the airport leaving cash desks, on Lenin Ave. (see a photo). Probably, the mayor didn't warn the subordinates that already returned from business trip …

According to Zhenzherukhi, Chaika all the same wouldn't tell anything to people, it after all not his competence as trade questions in the city are supervised by it. At first Alexander Zhorzhevich told that spontaneous trade is an illegal trade, and with it will continue further fight. In the city markets today 820 empty seats, only in the Central market under vegetables of those otvdeno 105. Why people trade not in identical conditions?

- We live during a business era, nobody against that you earned, but it is necessary to earn by everything in identical conditions. Why one businessman and taxes pays, and for rent of a place pays, and for production check, and another pays nothing and sells to people it isn't known what goods? It isn't correct! Especially, after you on streets of a lot of garbage, we took out recently six cars from those places where you stood and traded. Everything has to be civilized, instead of in a dust and in dirt, in the middle of the street, in the downtown … After all you shouldn't accept such work.

As the way out, Zhenzherukh suggested dealers to put lists in which to specify who in what area lives and whenever possible to write, at what market wants to work. Also vice-the mayor assured all that if is wishing, to return for old work which lost in 90 tykh years, so it too is possible, there would be a desire.

Only any of sellers didn't accept joyfully such news. In - the first, people don't want to leave over the years familiar spots, in - the second, to come back to old work, with the lost qualification, and for that salary which offer, nobody wishes. All want that on their streets legalized portable trade. All are ready to pay taxes, to clean, do the analysis to goods, but only on those places where worked years. Sellers motivate it with that if they will leave from these places, in a month - two there is a new contingent trading and everything will begin on - new.

Consent so didn't find. Zhenzherukh as I explained to dealers that there is a master plan of the city (which nobody I saw! ) according to which it is simply impossible to legalize trade on their places, - people all the same asked it to make.

Nevertheless in two hours of conversation came to a conclusion that lists in which all sellers will break at first into groups on a residence, then in the direction of goods which realize will make. Alexander Zhenzherukha will consider all lists on Wednesday, July 9, and, probably, even in an individual order to talk to people. If there is a trade on these streets, Alexander Zhorzhevich guaranteed cruelty of control to all. But there will be it hardly.


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