The seagull already knows how to rescue IFC "Nikolaev"

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More than two hours at today's meeting of the Advisory board of parties and public organizations were taken by discussion of an urgent "football" problem.

The mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika, and also representatives of city managements and the services which activity is anyway connected with sports as a whole and with soccer in particular took part in action. The chairman of Federation of soccer of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Eropunov at meeting of council wasn't present. According to the mayor, the absence of g - N Eropunov explained to that it has any important issues in a regional council.

The chairman of the Advisory board Victor Evdokimov expressed the bewilderment by that by the fact that IFC financing "Nikolaev" didn't decrease gradually (on a half, on a quarter), and stopped sharply.

The chairman of sports committee of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Rozdobudko after small digression to history of team noticed that the team could be rescued if all services, all instances were connected to it. If the city power still tries though something to make, the regional council and the regional state administration, according to him, refuse any help.

The president of IFC "Nikolaev" Sergey Dergunov noted that the main reason for death of team - a heavy financial press which the FC can't simply sustain. For participation in the championship, according to him, it is necessary to lay out 80 thousand dollars.

- These are money on which the team can exist some months, - Dergunov speaks.

At the same time he emphasizes that if the team was sponsored not by one enterprise (that did before JSC Sigma-sport with the deputy - Byutovts Vadim Merikov the wheel), that, probably, would have a result: one firm would provide food for athletes, another - a form, etc.

In a hall sounded that on the official site of IFC "Nikolaev" information "hangs" that to football club offered the financing some firms. Sergey Dergunov answered a question why the football club refused sponsor's services of several enterprises when there was such opportunity: "The such I hear the first time", - and I called all Internet (including the official site of IFC "Nikolaev") information garbage can.

G - N Dergunov designated that would be quite good if the maintenance of football club was shouldered by any bank. Such practice, according to him, is applied around the world (among the Ukrainian examples teams of Chernigov and Ovidiopol were called).

Present it was offered to create "fund of fans" by means of which each not indifferent citizen could enclose the contribution in development of football club in Nikolaev. However, this invention wasn't pleasant to Dergunov.

- To go with a cap in hand and a cap is a shame! - he declared.

One of the acting declared that Eropunov had no right self-willedally to dispose of destiny of club and to write letters on stay of membership in PFL. It was mentioned as well a condition of Evis stadium which in not such the past was one of the best stadiums of the country, and the fact of functioning of the market of the same name in its territory.

- The stadium is a sports complex, instead of trade! You turned it into concourse of shopkeepers! - it was carried by on a hall. - It is necessary to clean urgently a market from the stadium territory!.

It was offered to dismiss Sergey Dergunov - that allowed that the club appeared on the verge of disappearance.

- It is necessary to fight to the last! You can't fight, hands fell (and Dergunov in the performance told that it lowers hands - a bus) - to resignation!

Even very interesting assumption of possibility of raider capture of IFC "Nikolaev" was stated.

- There is an impression that the football club was brought specially to such state that someone could then is cheaper than it buy, - one of participants of action told.

And g - N Dergunov that is interesting, didn't begin to disprove this information.

Vladimir Chaika in the performance noted that "by century of soccer us try to dismiss".

The mayor considers that JSC Sigma-sport arrived not really decently on the relation to all city community as the decision on the financing termination "wasn't agreed neither with the mayor, nor with city council. Us simply presented with a fait accompli".

But the mayor Chaika sees partial fault in the circumstances and in return. He told that many issues resolved in advantage "Sigma - sports" as it was convinced that it is possible to rely on these sponsors.

- I lobbied interests of this enterprise. Also I lobbied free of charge, convincing deputies that it is necessary for us and a city community...I blame myself that trusted these people, - the mayor told.

Also Vladimir Chaika sounded a request with which he intends to address to the management "Sigma - sports". It will take the initiative that participation of team in the championship was financed "fifty on fifty" - 50% of the sum will be provided "By sigma - sports", other half will try "to squeeze out" of other enterprises and sponsors.

With not smaller persistence Vladimir Dmitriyevich intends to address to Professional Football League that this organization ignored earlier arrived address about stay of membership in PFL.


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