The minister of Internal affairs threatens the person Balogi with responsibility for pressure upon the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury LUTSENKO declares pressure from the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine on the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the case of deprivation of the People's Deputy David ZHVANIYA of the Ukrainian nationality.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, this Yu.LUTsENKO declared today at a briefing in the Cabinet.

"I know that there is any representation in the Prosecutor General's Office, I know also that the employee of the Secretariat of the President mister of PUKShIN personally handed over it to the general of YaREME, personally carries out pressure upon the staff of the ministry that I consider absolutely inadmissible, and I warn him (PUKShINA - the UNIAN) about responsibility for pressure upon the staff of law-enforcement bodies", - told Yu.LUTsENKO.

The minister reported that isn't familiar with the content of representation of the Secretariat of the President in the Prosecutor General's Office. "Further, obviously, I will read this representation in accordance with the established procedure and at the scheduled time, and within our competence we will make the lawful decision. By the way, I can tell that the passport was issued long ago, behind a limitation period even constituent documents - an account and questionnaire card - all of them are destroyed long ago, even before my arrival to the ministry. If I am not mistaken, documents are stored no more than five years, and passed already more than ten. Therefore how to work in this extraordinary situation, I don't know yet.

Lawyers of the ministry now study all our opportunities", - added Yu.LUTsENKO.

In too time, according to the minister, round D. ZhVANIYa's Ukrainian nationality the artificial agiotage, and "personal political interest of mister of PUKShINA and, obviously is created, mister of BALOGI who is his immediate superior, interfere with objective development of this situation".

As reported the UNIAN, the public prosecutor Alexander MEDVEDKO addressed in Svyatoshinsky regional court of Kiev with the statement for cancellation of the decisions which have allowed D. ZHVANII to obtain in due time the Ukrainian nationality. The essence of claims of prosecutor's office consisted in a contradiction of these rather temporary periods of stay and D. ZhVANIYa's residence in Ukraine which were the basis for the decision-making, allowed it to obtain the Ukrainian nationality.

On June 11 the Svyatoshinsky regional court granted a request of A.MEDVEDKO for a response from this court of his statement for revision of the decision of Radyansky regional court of the capital of September 10, 1999 with which residence in Ukraine since 1991 of D. ZhVANIYa was confirmed.

On June 18 in a press - to service of Appellate court of the capital reported that the court the resolution resumed to the Prosecutor General's Office terms on the appeal appeal of the decision of Radyansky district court of September 30, 1999 on the basis of which D. ZhVANIYa obtained nationality of Ukraine.

On July 2 the Appellate court of Kiev decided to satisfy partially the appeal complaint of the deputy general prosecutor on the case of D. ZhVANIYa's nationality. According to the resolution, the decision of Radyansky regional court of 1999 is cancelled and business is directed to Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev on new consideration.

On July 3 the People's Deputy Gennady MOSKAL who represented D. ZhVANIYa's interests in Appellate court of Kiev, made the appeal in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.


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