Alexander Bondar: "Style of the Nikolaev architecture is lack of style"

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In the first day of July when architects of the country celebrate a professional holiday, the correspondent went to the chief architect of the city, having, instead of gifts, tens important questions for the public.

- What style features of the Nikolaev architecture?

- As well as in architecture of other cities of the countries of the former Soviet Union, in the Nikolaev architecture style is lack of style. Free style. When at the beginning of 21 centuries a postmodernism - the last from architectural styles precisely designated by historians - was leveled, and there was it from - for uses of new technologies, materials, ways and methods of construction of buildings, it wasn't necessary to speak about concrete style features. Now there are buildings from steel - glass or aluminum - glass, but it not so much "style", how many "technology". I won't tell that it is bad, it is another. And soon this "another" выкристиллизируется in any new style. I think, it will occur after 2010 and will be connected with economic changes in the country because as the classic spoke, "life defines consciousness".

Nikolaev is in the beginning of a big way of development of architectural thought, but soon we won't far leave from Odessa on which in our region it is worth equaling. There people already understood that the beauty costs money and it makes profit. In Nikolaev, unfortunately, while try to build "cheaper".

- It is known that the master plan of the city developed by Kiev "Giprograd", already is in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. What procedure of its acceptance when it will be submitted for public discussions and whether will play a panacea role against chaotic building of the city?

- Being the document for office using, the general plan is in an executive committee special unit. After experts of various areas will make the offers concerning it, to the middle of July the master plan of Nikolaev will be submitted for public hearings. Further it will be considered on town-planning council, the deputy commissions and, as a result, will be accepted at session of city council. It will occur in a month - two.

Certainly, the master plan will help with fight against chaotic building of the city as it is "the highest step" town-planning documentation. Besides, adoption of the General plan is an important landmark point in development of city architecture.

- Disqualified by the Cabinet in April of this year the question of bridge construction around a bypass road round Nikolaev ever, all - will be solved. Whether it will be reflected in town planning?

- Very strongly. The "Japanese" bridge called in the people in many respects would solve a transport problem of the city: all transit transport would be sent not through the central part of the city, and to a detour. While this question is postponed indefinitely, and we wait for the decision of the government of the country concerning it. But in the Master plan of a development of the city calculated on many years, this bridge of the state value is available. The territory around Matveevki is specified by a zone of a perspective development of the city. Nikolaev intends to develop in the northern direction - from Salt to Matveevka. There will be multystoried, low, high density and individual buildings.

- What quarters reconstruction of the central part of the city, registered in the general plan will concern?

- Pervoocheryodny is 109-ый the residential district (opposite to the trade House the Southern Bug) where weak-sighted hatka "grew" into the earth. Unfortunately, the investor reluctantly goes for demolition of old housing as it is interfaced to big economic expenses. They are connected with emergence of value judgment by residents of the possession. Such situation is characteristic for all cities of Ukraine, and not only.

- In February of the current year the government of Ukraine returned to implementation of the Territory of Comfortable Housing program approved in 2005 and providing demolition and capital reconstruction of outdated housing stock, including "five-storey apartment blocks". The Nikolaev houses should expect updating really?

- This question is closely connected with public financing. We transferred to the government the offers on reconstruction of the private sector on crossing of Lenin Ave. and Pushkinskaya St., Lenin Ave. and Moskovskaya St., Sadovaya St. and Potyomkinskaya St., Potyomkinskaya St. and Moskovskaya St. Concerning a sneseniye of "five-storey apartment blocks" and construction of new houses, this program, besides Kiev, develops and in the next Kherson. We exchange experience with them and as soon as there will be a financing, we will begin work. I think, within this year the question will move off dead center.

- Even more often there are conflicts between builders of intra domestic territories and inhabitants of nearby houses. You on whose party?

- My relation to it is with understanding. I consider that the conflict, as that, - No. If violations of the law at placement of object aren't present, goes into action other principle - people "categorically against". And it already from the series "it isn't pleasant", "well we don't want, and all! " …

- Sunlight reduction in apartments and a building arrangement at a playground - not arguments?

- You saw a normal playground in Nikolaev? Yes, when the builder comes, people should suffer the next 10 - 14 months some inconveniences. But after all subsequently he will assume reconstruction of all yard: will repair roofs, pipelines, plank beds, struts, will construct a normal playground. I emphasize - normal, instead of those two pieces of iron which remained with 60-го years … And how to me, the chief architect to treat it? Negatively? No. It arranges well the yard. Yes, takes down green plantings but after that - lands the new. It not Sidorov's personal cottage: in the house there will live 40 families, same, as well as what now contra.

Just like that houses in the yards don't arise - calculation of reserve house adjoining territories and possibility of placement there a house is defined by the licensed designers. After that the project is submitted for consideration of town-planning council. I advise the people participating in similar "conflicts", to define constructive proposals to the builder and to receive from him the help in the solution of intra domestic questions. But not in the racketeering way.

- Besides free sites in the yards, nikolayevets began to master actively roofs …

- This normal solution of a question. In the same way, as cellar use. If earlier there rats ran and pipes flew, that, at privatization or transfer of the room to rent, the owner similar won't allow anything. Concerning appearance - we try to do so that these rooms were in "body" of existing garret space, without any "splashes". Positive example of a mansard floor - on Admiralskaya St., 18.

- Addition of several floors on the existing building - isn't dangerous?

- Providing permission to use of superstructures, we demand the conclusion of the special design organization which defines, whether enough bearing ability of designs of this building.As for use of a mansard floor, there practically it is built on nothing: in "body" of an attic wooden designs of a roof change, the floor and walls are made of easy designs, - all this doesn't influence house durability.

- In new houses balconies and loggias providently glaze thanks to what the building looks a whole that you won't tell about old houses where each balcony "is individual". Possibly to bring it in an appropriate look?

- There are positive, tactful examples of occurrence of builders to the old building. But more often it occurs, as they say, "axe". We fight against unauthorized decisions, but, after liquidation of territorial inspectorate of "GASK", our functions remained very little.

- At the end of winter deputies of the City Council started talking about possible dismantle of a monument to valorous work of shipbuilders and its transferring to other place. You consider, it is necessary?

- For this monument the casual place was initially chosen. Even if it and not so, this question wasn't brought to logical end. According to the project of its construction, all quarter behind "Sphere" had to be taken down, and then the hill (with the corresponding illumination and improvement) would top a monument to shipbuilders. It it wasn't made, and the decision turned out "vague". "Sphere" from Moskovskaya St. is flanked by ragged buildings and constructions. Later, owing to circumstances, there was "Mc Donalds", and all this turned into a caricature on a monument to valorous work of shipbuilders. Therefore idea about its transferring to Proletarsky Square, on a corner of streets Nikolsky and Garden, I consider correct. On Soviet the primitive idea of a monument is lost even - there is no opportunity for rest and contemplation of a masterpiece of architecture. This opportunity is where the shipbuilding of Nikolaev - opposite to plant arose of. 61 Communards.

- Kashtanovy Square in recent years "acquired" capital constructions, whether is it attempt to force out it in general?

- No. Kashtanovy Square won't be forced out. There were attempts "to cut off" its part from Spasskaya St., but we didn't go to it. In borders existing it also remains. As for constructions, the flower pavilion there also had to be, unless - not so capital … We wanted all tsvetochnik to enter into uniform pavilion, but they, for any reasons, shifted tents to Lyagin St. And to forbid transfer of the building of children's cafe to one of banks we were unable as it is a private property.

- Tell about idea of creation of underground shopping center under the square.

- To speak about something concrete while early. The predprogramny studies resolving technological issues of possibility of preservation of the square and construction of the underground center at the same time are carried out.


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