A.Garkusha isn't going to enter "ETs"

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Today on a press - conferences Alexey Garkusha let know that isn't going to have nothing in common with Uniform Center party.

The Nikolaev regional organization of Uniform Center party was headed by the deputy head YEAH Vladimir Lusta. The governor denies that sooner or later will join members of "The uniform center" as isn't going to come under influence of political instability.

"In view of those political events which took place in the last decades, there were moments when offers "change colour" arrived, - Alexey Garkusha declared. - I and itself understood, what it would be possible to resolve an issue, but at the end - the ends for the sake of what we live? To kowtow and be at a position? Such examples too are when run from one door in Kiev at other door.

When (me) last time invited, I spoke about it: if conversation on work - then please if any other projects are to me it is uninteresting. If I wanted, I simply would go the People's Deputy and would be engaged in business".

With instability of a political situation in the country the governor explains and change in the relations with the prime minister which is quite unexpected "tempered justice with mercy" to Nikolayevshchina during the recent visit to area.

"The policy is such thing which not simply is based on an environment, and on a momentary environment, - Alexey Garkusha declared today. - And permanent threat of elections forces recently all political forces to work at a populism side … What does the person which here - here to go on elections have to speak? "

At the same time, if to mention socially - economic indicators of area, Yulia Timoshenko "that is" said: "If a year ago the debt on a salary in area made 25,5 million, even 26 that today it makes 12 million, and it when across Ukraine it increased, - Alexey Garkusha notes. - It is a positive indicator or negative? If today level of fee of energy carriers makes about the country 72-82%, and on the Nikolaev area - 103-107%, it is positive or negative? "

So the positive assessment given by the prime minister to work of area, according to the head Nikolayevskaya YEAH, is quite deserved.


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