On a matveevsky cemetery illegally bury people

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On July 9, in edition "News - N" addressed inhabitants of the residential district of Matveevki. They told that two spindle-legs dig a grave near private houses and the road on a local cemetery which is considered closed and where burials are already forbidden. According to inhabitants, they addressed for explanations to the inspector of a cemetery Victor Savchenko who convinced them that there is an arrangement and personal permission of the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika to carrying out burials on the closed cemetery. Also, according to matveevets, the inspector promised that the written permission will be got if it is demanded by the people living near a cemetery.

Journalists contacted Victor Savchenko and asked to comment on current situation.

- These are people simply wanted to take permission, but at them something there didn't turn out, will bury on other cemetery. Already it are children from there left.

According to Victor Savchenko, young men appealed to him to bury on this cemetery of the died inhabitant Matveevki - even showed a registration, and also for permission to burial promised to give help - to put a fence, to clean garbage.

Victor Savchenko claims that he, certainly, didn't give permission to burial. But then why "children" started digging? Then, however, they suddenly changed the mind and went to look for a place for a grave on other cemetery. Whether not therefore it "suddenly" occurred that Matveevki's inhabitants and journalists closely were engaged in this situation, thereby having alarmed both "holders" of a cemetery, and diggers.

Information on that it coordinated everything with Vladimir Chaika, Victor Savchenko disproves. According to him, he similar didn't tell anything.

- Here as the spoiled radio. Probably, it words of those who dug...

The inspector claims - to him called and reported about the events in Matveevke but when it arrived into place, young people any more weren't:

- They cleaned garbage, dug the dug hole and left.

When all - he with them managed to agree, Victor Savchenko didn't specify. Probably, the confusion from confusion in the indications affected.

According to the inspector, municipal funeral service - the present owner of a cemetery, sometimes allows to carry out subburials:

- If at nikolayevets relatives here are buried, and the place nearby allows... Both подхоранивали, and подхоранивают.

However, official permission to it don't give. Earlier the matveevsky cemetery belonged to the Village Council. Now the Nikolaev ritual service took it to itself on balance.

- Here month 2-3 we try to bring here an order but while it turns out nothing, - Victor Savchenko complains.

In minutes ten after telephone conversation in edition treated again the inspector Matveevki's inhabitants. Also reported that the management of ritual service of Nikolaev contacted them and assured that all burials and subburials on an old Matveevsky cemetery are forbidden. It seems as - "quietly, don't panic, and that we are nervous".

As affairs further with "a cemeterial question" will be, will show time. Well and we, in turn, will keep readers informed.


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