Regional P. Zibrov: "The position of the management of GP NPKG "Dawn — Mashproyekt" is destructive! "

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Today, on July 10, on XXV-й the head of Party of Regions fraction in city council Pyotr Zibrov read to session of the Nikolaev City Council the fraction statement in which actions of the present management of plant GP NPKG "Zorya — Mashproyekt" give in to sharp criticism. Pyotr Zibrov told that the solution of conference which took place in palace of culture on June 25, "contradicts interests "Zorya - Mashproyekt" and all city community as a whole". Alienation of objects socially - the cultural sphere, being on balance of the enterprise, as appears from the address text - an invariable way to privatization.

Pyotr Zibrov called a position of the present plant manager Homenko destructive. In the statement deputies of the party of Regions who are members of factory labor union, and in particular - Jacques, Tatyana Filonog and Romanov are criticized also. These deputies, according to Pyotr Zibrov, act passively, defend interests of plant and its collective insufficiently.

The secretary of the City Council Vladimir Korenyugin noticed that the interfractional cooperation agreement for the purpose of adjustment of the situation connected with Zorya — Mashproyekt plant is already prepared. The agreement was signed by heads of six fractions.

The chairman of regional council Tatyana Demchenko who also is present at sessional meeting, told that the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine and the minister of industrial policy of Ukraine during recent visit to Nikolaev were extremely surprised with the situation which has developed at plant. They for the first time heard about it though steps taken now by the management of plant, have to be coordinated surely with Minprompolitiki instead of decide self-willedally.

Tatyana Demchenko emphasized that would be expedient both city, and regional to councils to address in the Cabinet and the Ministry промполитики.In particular, at the following session of a regional council such address will be considered, Demchenko assured.


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