Changing channels

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Not always demand gives rise to the offer. Here I, for example, would like to see on our blue screens something kind, clever, eternal and is far not an average manner, and here, alas, the Ukrainian television to my demand is simple тычет a fig in eyes and stubborn forces to watch the stupid telecud calculated on consumption by its crowd or as it is fashionable to speak now, electorate.

I, as well as some representatives of my subspecies, all - try to think during consumption process. And therefore I guess that for existence of television money, and considerable is necessary, and such money is today, unfortunately, not in hands such, as I. Them people very rich and very practical own. If they invest money in such far not high-profitable business, so they have on that reasons, and the reasons weighty. In our country these reasons doesn't call unless the chest baby. In Ukraine race for power is similar to the ocean: desperate storm of election campaigns alternately with short-term calms of inter-season period. And our television is bright reflection of this fight as owners of the Ukrainian TV channels take in it very active part. Thus both inter-season period, and storm on our TV screens have the unique lines of a chronic dvukhpolyusnost.

In the Ukrainian policy there is no division on regions or on languages, Ukraine is divided into the power and opposition. However, is also the people, but for representatives of two camps of politicians the people become necessary only when hour of their fights for the state feeding trough comes. In other time the people have to live in rest, but thus to be able to support instantly this or that force. And the television in this process plays almost an important role.

Wise everyday supervision "wanted as it is better, and it turned out, as always" it is possible to project on any invention of mankind. The same can be told and concerning television.His founders davny - fondly believed long ago that their child becomes the powerful informative resource enriching people with knowledge, stimulating than them to self-development and doing our world owing to the above is better, purer and kinder. Alas, good thoughts of inventors of magic of blue screens weren't fated to come true: the television became an appendage by a dinner.

The slogger who has come home from work wants to dump from himself a stress and it is good to have a rest before the new working day. And not an essence important who is he, the worker or the employee, the worker of intellectual or physical work. It turns on the TV and starts having a rest.

And there comes time of masters of human souls. Because at this moment of people it is most susceptible to a content put in his consciousness. The television possesses powerful educational function, and at skillful using by it it is quite possible to achieve success in a manipulation consciousness. Thus - not to give the most important to the person seconds on reflections, information has to be eaten and digested as soon as possible. And that reflections didn't arise after information use, it is necessary to distract attention of the viewer and, it is desirable, information minor, stultifying consciousness and lulling it till a new portion of necessary information.

Recipes of modern Ukrainian television are simple. We take cheap and not really new American movies, it is slightly more than fighters and horror films, it is slightly less than comedies and melodramas. Expensive and clever movies won't be necessary for us: it is unprofitable and force people to think. Plentifully we dilute this any soup with series. Let and with primitive game of actors, let with the low-quality scenario, but after all "people eats"! To this dish of bloody medley and a pathetic slezotochitelstvo we will add a garnish from doubtful humour (an aping of "new Russian grandmas" associates it is absolutely not best of all than a daring loud laughter of young vulgar persons from "ComedyClub"). We will strew properly with various shows with obligatory participation of stars. We will throw a couple of the game programs creating at the viewer illusion of power of own intelligence (questions to participants of such shows specially prepare with such intention that and on that party of the screen people could know answers to them). For a dessert we will give a frank television scam like "Windows with Nagiyev" or "Hypnosis" plus night games - quizes on a pulling of money from fools. Here to you the complex teledinner also is ready!

Thus the, national product will be created by nobody.It is simpler to take projects already rolled in Russia and to change them on Ukrainian of manners. I don't think that so becomes from - for reductions in cost of expenses. Simply we are afraid, and therefore - we aren't able, to create, original and surprising. Our television consists not of geniuses, but in it handicraftsmen несть numbers.

But to whom geniuses in the fight world for electorate are necessary? To the electorate chewing in front of blue screens, it is absolutely indifferent. It has enough stultifying "смотрива" in which everything is already accurately chewed and placed on the places. While there are no news on the screen, it will absorb a telecud of any channel, and, you see, the bigger unity of the people in Ukraine in these hours and shouldn't wish. But news and political programs divide herd of the population of Ukraine by the principle of attachment to the shepherds. Here - that also begins division of the country into friends and enemies.

Well, in any way we can't, whether understand, to live without enemies! After all if they aren't, you represent, what chaos will begin? The country will fail!

I would suggest to conduct curious research of the Ukrainian television. To give the chance to any number of TV viewers to hear blindfold to the same news in interpretation of different channels, with the corresponding intonations and significant pauses. Be sure - the majority of people will define channels practically with an absolute accuracy.

Interests of the power openly are represented today by the 5th channel, interests of opposition - Broadcasting Company "Ukraine" and NTN. Are loyal to the power "1+1" and "Tonis". Very carefully pinchukovsky ICTV, STB and New (they criticize the power only when it is favorable to the owner) behave "Inter" both. Broadcasting Company "Kiev" owing to dependence on the Kiev mayor sings the praises of it and is very aggressive in relation to Cabinet of Ministers. Interests of socialists are represented by Broadcasting Company of "Ayr", having air on the First channel. Blok of Natalya Vitrenko has, not really popular, a KRT TV channel. The first national TV channel owing to the accessory shines power activity. Today all these channels tell one, everyone the depending on nearness to a power Olympus. And, if tomorrow the power in the country exchanges, will change nothing, more precisely, will change exactly the opposite. Simply there will be a castling of channels, and those who abused the previous power, will start extolling the power new. And the maintenance of a telecud won't change at all!

We will look, for example, on fashionable today political at current - show.For a long time it isn't so interesting to much to look at these verbal worthless fights. Noticed their characteristic? Nobody offers anything concrete, but all troubles of our country shamelessly bring down on competitors, extolling itself good thus up to the transcendental heights. All this reminds for a long time the worn-out plays with mouldering scenery, order bothered same actors and with this well directed illusion of "national support" what is expressed as a percentage and schedules.

How you think, whether these transfers with power change will strongly change? Yes at all! Because our television is reflection of thinking of his owners, instead of reflection of thinking of the people. If it was not so, we already would watch long ago a reality - the show "Superrada" in which deputies of all parties of the most various sense worked under a sight of television cameras in the immured room and lived thus for the salary equal to the size of a consumer basket of "the little Ukrainian".

For now on the television front without changes. Sluggish squabbles in political inter-season period will soon turn into cruel fights, but the weapon remains to the same: problem of Russian, NATO and unitary enterprise status in today's Ukraine. These subjects also are the tool of a nauskivaniye of citizens of Ukraine at each other. And while TV viewers at blue screens while will look with affection at such native news of TV channels - defenders of their truth while will threaten with fists yes to be spat towards unclear whose opponents will choke with rage with a piece of bread, our country will remain such what it is today. The country of combat readiness of the drugged beggars to fight for filling of pockets of the stupefying rich.

There will be elections - there will be a fight. But anything after it won't change. Neither people, nor politicians, television.

Rise all country!
War begins.
The TV will show everything,
The TV will tell everything,
In what opponent of wine.

The one who thinks not so -
Malicious enemy!
The one who thinks differently -
Without doubt, the enemy of subjects is more.

To a decline to a dawn
Our news watch.
All will show you in persons,
That on light all is created
Both outside, and inside.

Look at this flag -
This is the enemy!
Look at these ugly faces -
Unless friend such perhaps?

The enemy already narrows a circle...
Make only louder a sound.
You want or you don't want,
We will explain in detail very much,
Why it to us not friend.

Someone speaks not so -
This is the enemy!
You shouldn't think much
For creation of groups.
Firmer step!


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