The construction conflicts of Nikolaev will solve 3 commissions

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Before the twenty fifth session of city council deputies, as usual, had to meet picket: inhabitants of zones of the construction conflicts came to defend the rights.

But there was to communicate no need with picketers at an executive committee threshold to the city authorities: after all representatives of dissatisfied inhabitants were this time invited to session of city council. At their presence deputies considered one of the most pressing questions - about a situation which developed in Nikolaev with intra quarter building.

On this matter the deputy of the mayor Vladimir Gatsura listed in the report some "conflict zones", construction in which territory causes a protest of inhabitants of surrounding houses. Among them - inhabitants of houses in the area Levanevtsev, the Dry Fountain and Nadezhda sport school, Krylov's streets, Astronauts, Faleevskaya, Shevchenko, and also of Architect Starov Street familiar to readers in the residential district Northern. According to Vladimir Gatsura, the problem of all "disputable" sites of intra quarter building is that the builder didn't manage to find a common language with inhabitants.

Absolutely differently, probably, representatives of public organization "Our City of Nikolaev" consider. Playing on opposition "rich and influential" and "doctors and teachers", Anatoly Onofreychuk and Grigory Rogov tried to convince deputies that in all these cases intra quarter building is illegal encroachment on "playgrounds and green trees under which pensioners" have a rest. And then the citizens who aren't knowing who lobbied this or that decision of the City Council on permission of construction, blame for the problems all City Council - "the majority of honest and decent deputies". Therefore citizens took to the streets - because builders always treat them floutingly because nobody asks their opinion because "the patience of the people burst".

In response to the last the deputy from Blok of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition", the chairman of the commission on questions of intra quarter building Evgenia Bondarenko specified that the reason of such protests - at all in "the burst national patience".All the matter is that in 2005 the Cabinet of Ministers cancelled the provision on public hearings owing to what coordination of building with inhabitants of houses of this quarter since 2005 isn't carried out in general. So Evgenia Bondarenko suggested to request in Cabinet of Ministers development and adoption of the provision of rather public hearings on intra quarter building. And though many of the present apprehended its offer "in bayonets", the mayor noted that such address is really necessary.

Further discussion of a question too took place roughly. The deputy from BYuT fraction Oleg Mudrak urged city council not to act rashly, making the decision on this question: "The stated facts it is necessary to sort everyone in return. If to take sports tennis courts (near Nadezhda sport school) which already now accept children and train them in tennis - whom and than they didn't please? "

Mentioned at last and those who has to bear responsibility for current situation. "Why people - officials in managements still aren't punished - which were passed by these projects, without (observance) of CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS and ДБНов? " - the deputy from Party of Regions Vyacheslav Pilyak asked. To its support the colleague on fraction Pyotr Zibrov suggested to return in a month to this question and to punish those who will be defined guilty by the working groups of deputies.

So according to the decision of deputies of city council construction in "conflict zones" again stops for a month - for clarification of circumstances of construction by three working groups which part deputies of city council, specialists of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and representatives of the public will be. And after will look for guilty …


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