Body of the seaman who has died in Africa, can't get home

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"We report that on July 1, 2008 at 21:00 on the Kiev time in the city of Conakry the citizen of Ukraine Oleg Mikhaylovich Drach who has been born in page of Marinovk of the Bashtansky region of the Nikolaev area died... "

The text of the missive of Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Guinea, addressed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine begins such words. The copy of this letter was sent also to the Department of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

As appears from this document, Oleg Drachu was 47 years old. It is registered in Nikolaev. The death came in port of Conakry (the capital of the Republic of Guinea), according to preliminary information - from - for heart attack.

Further the ambassador reports that Oleg Drach worked as the captain of the vessel "Leda" which last owner there was a Systems actifs de peche company. The main thing most, perhaps, in this letter - dry information that "at present the Embassy fulfills a question of transportation of a body to Ukraine".

The letter was written on July 2. Today - on July 11. According to our edition, the body of the captain to these is in Africa and while it isn't known when this issue will be resolved. But it is known that at Embassy (at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - read: at the state) money for delivery of the died citizen of Ukraine home - No. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs openly say that relatives have to take care of it.

As we found out, the transportation of a body of the Nikolaev captain from Guinea to Ukraine will cost to relatives approximately 10 thousand American dollars. Where they will take such money are a question which the state of Ukraine doesn't interest at all.


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