The first Cup of Nikolaev - in hands of team of Ukraine!

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On July 13 in SK "Hope" final duels of Nikolaev City Cup took place. Thirteen couples boxers, battling for "gold" of new AIBA of the International tournament of a class "A" on female boxing, defined also team - the owner very first in the history of the Cup of Nikolaev.

46kg victory Oksana SHTAKUN (UKR-1) vs Svetlana GNEVANOVA (RUS) score 13:9

48kg victory Gulseda BASIBUTUN (TUR) vs Silvia LA NOTTE (ITA) score 12:5

50kg victory Elena SAVELYEVA (RUS) vs Cumeir KAI - YaZISI (TUR) score 8:7

52kg defeat Nadezhda HAENOK (UKR-2) vs Victoria RUDENKO (UKR-1) score 0:7

54kg defeat Lyudmila BONDARENKO (RUS) vs Lyudmila GRITSAY (UKR-1) score 6:10

57kg defeat Marina SOBChUK (UKR-1) vs Carolina GRACHIK (POL) score 3:5

60kg victory Aleksandra SIDORENKO (UKR-1) vs Danus DILKHOFOVA (BUL) score 9:7

63kg defeat Lyubov LOPATINA (RUS) vs Yulia TSIPLAKOVA (UKR-2) score 5:6

66kg victory Olivia LUCHAK (POL) vs Nastya ZALEVSKAYA (UKR-2) score 7:3

70kg defeat Patricia DRANK (ITA) vs Elena VYSTROPOVA (UKR-1) RSCO-2 +15

75kg defeat Yulia MUDRIK (MDA) vs Masha YAVORSKAYA (RUS) RSC-1

80kg defeat Dinara ZHURGUNOVA (UKR-2) vs Irina KOMAR (UKR-1) score 0:16

86kg Silvius's defeat BELT (POL) vs Anna of SMOOTH (RUS) score 6:21

*) "RSC" - Referee Stop Contest (Behind a clear advantage)

"RSCO" - RSC Out class (Ahead of schedule at achievement of a difference in 15 points)

Easy victories weren't - all girls - finalists boxed perfectly. It is necessary to be glad for a brilliant victory of the schoolgirl of the Honored trainer of Ukraine

Nikolay Hadzhioglo: the Nikolaev Luda Gritsay's boxing brought to the city the only gold award of premier Nikolaev City Cup, having added it to Tatyana Ivashchenko's day before yesterday "bronze" - too Nikolay Petrovich's pupils (and his third celebrity, Olya Novikova, didn't participate in tournament at all, I was unwell).

It should be noted and beautiful, champion end of a victorious series of duels of "telestar" of tournament - Sasha Sidorenko's awarded in Nikolaev not only attention of perspicacious Kiev TV men vinnichanka (t \to "NEW"), as the heroine of a telesketch "Day of fight", but also very flatter remarks of experienced men - boxers: "perfectly moves", "it has a blow".

Female boxing is very emotional. And very much, very much "personally конкурентен"... Wise, of course, the decision - to award prizes of the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk not only winners, but also finalists of the Nikolaev City Cup tournament. However only one team of the girl - boxers were sincerely happy all without exception. Sew!

It occurred at the time of the announcement the Chief judge of competitions of g - number Igor Beletsky (Ukraine) and the Technical delegate of EBC of g - number Stephane Rogala (Poland) tournament victorious teams: UKRAINE!

The main award of AIBA of the International tournament of a class "A" - the Cup of Nikolaev - deservedly passed to the Ukrainian little girls who have won in competition of 10 boxing powers already 17 medals: 6 gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze.

Results 1st Nikolaev City Cup - AIBA International Women's Boxing Tournament for the Prize's of Ukrainian Hero Mykola P. Romanchuk are as follows:

1. Ukraine - 17 medals (6 gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze) +Кубок Nikolaev-2008

2. Russia - 10 medals (4 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze)

3. Poland - 7 medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze)

4. Turkey - 6 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze)

5. Italy - 2 medals (-gold, 2 silver, - bronze)

6. The Czech Republic - 2 medals (-gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

7. Israel - 3 medals (-gold, - silver, 3 bronze)

8. Moldova - 1 medal (-gold, 1 silver, - bronze)

9. Bulgaria - 1 medal (-gold, - silver, 1 bronze)

10. The Netherlands - awards isn't present...

Ukrainian "gold": Oksana SHTAKUN (46кг), Vika RUDENKO (52кг), Luda GRITsAY (54кг), Sasha SIDORENKO (60кг), Yulya TSIPLAKOVA (63кг), Ira KOMAR (80кг).

Ukrainian "silver": Nadia HAENOK (52кг), Marina SOBChUK (57кг), Nastya ZALEVSKAYA (66кг), Dinara ZHURGUNOVA (80кг).

Ukrainian "bronze": Sveta KORKISHKO (46кг), Vera NAKRESOVA (48кг), Vika SOLYANIK (50кг), Sasha KOZLAN (66кг), Ania GLAZKO (70кг), Tanya IVASHCHENKO (75кг), Inna SHEVCHENKO (86кг).

And pleasant it is sports - political advantage of our tournament too impressively.

In - the first, Ukraine (Nikolaev) entered in narrow, very much even not numerous "club" of the exclusive cities of the world which can brag of carrying out calendar tournament of the highest rank of the International Association of Boxing (AIBA) in female boxing. From now on the Ukrainian Cup of Nikolaev (Nikolaev City Cup) costs in the same row with "the small World Cup" Tournament of memory of Ahmet Komert (Istanbul, TURKEY) and Tournament of Space NPTs of Khrunichev (Stupino, Moscow area, RUSSIA).

In - the second, MT the Cup of Nikolaev (Nikolaev City Cup) for prizes of the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk became the third "adult" boxing international tournament of a class "A" in Ukraine, having joined "man's" MT of memory of Makar Mazaya (Mariupol) having the history and MT for prizes of brothers Klitschko (Kiev).

In - the third, Nikolaev really turned into the capital of the Ukrainian female boxing. And such status is absolutely honestly deserved! Steady, stable long-term results at world, European level of girls - boxers. Come to boxing from long ago having the world recognition at specialists of School of single combats of Nikolay Hadzhioglo, world leaders of a kickboxing and Thai boxing.

In - the fourth, the women's national team the team of Ukraine on boxing had a fine additional opportunity of acquisition of fighting practice of the superior quality without expensive departure abroad girls - boxers. For example, the Honored trainer of Ukraine Nikolay Hadzhioglo brought for this week in a ring 1st Nikolaev City Cup of almost all the "sbornitsa" out of both structures of the Ukrainian national team! And after all it is known, experience of participation in large international competitions is how invaluable for the boxer...

In - the fifth, many citizens, the audience and TV viewers, journalists managed to see own eyes боксерочек 10 countries and to be convinced that public stereotypes breaking all concerning the boxer of a razumnitsa - the beauty of the Ukrainian … not so unique exception of the nature! The girls who have devoted to boxing - the foreigner concede nothing to ours - they are desperate and nice, strong and reasonable, note in regional Federation of a kickboxing.


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