Rocket of contention

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The Ukrainian foreign policy department handed over a note of protest the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with tests by the Russian military for territories of Ukraine of the new anti-submarine weapon.

And the events which have induced Kiev on such step, developed as follows. On April 26 at ten o'clock in the morning employees of the Public border service of Ukraine ashore, in kilometer from 12-й the frontier post located around the village of Privetnoye that near Alushta, found the aviation anti-submarine rocket. Called on a professional slang of military "product" had marking of the Agrarian Party of Russia - the 3rd and was the latest development Russian oboronno - an industrial complex. Destruction of submarines of the opponent from air appeared mission of a dangerous find.

Arrived to a place of events the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine examined an unexpected find and rendered the verdict - the anti-submarine rocket doesn't constitute danger to people around. After that, having counted the mission executed, the Ministry of Emergency Situations departed from affairs. In turn, without knowing that to do with the rocket, representatives of frontier troops of Ukraine considered as the most right option to inform the Russian side which in a moment appeared on a place of events of a find, having tried to take away without excess noise the weapon. A little later the Ukrainian militia was tightened also. Thus, having informed of a find everything "competent instances", the State frontier service made the inspection certificate of the rocket and undertook to protect it.

And next day, on April 27, from Sevastopol to a place of events there arrived group of specialists of Naval Forces of Ukraine, once again examined an unexpected find. After that, in the presence of representatives of all above departments and the Russian military, one more statement containing only three points was drawn up: that the rocket isn't explosive that norms of ecology aren't broken and that "product" comes back to the owner - the Russian side.

The two-day epic on the bank of the Black Sea ended with rocket utilization directly on a place. It was sawn by means of banal "Bulgarian" by Russian military - employees located in Feodosiya 31-го the Russian Federation Navy test center then, having taken away that remained from an ill-fated find, were removed.

However, despite an amicable solution, questions nevertheless remained.So, in particular, already backdating marks were brought in the act that in the area the case of the rocket snuffled the propulsion system had ashes traces. And this at first sight the insignificant fact disproves words of the representatives who have arrived to a place of the BSF of the Russian Federation according to which rocket firing wasn't, and tests of system of rescue of the practical rocket on a surface of the water from a board of a test vessel 31-го were carried out by ITs Navy only. So, maybe, start-up of a "harmless" novelty nevertheless took place?

Probably, I had as, testing the rocket from a vessel board without turning on of its propulsion system on what the Russian military insisted to lose the rocket withheld by bright saving floats, rather difficult. And time the weapon was lost, taking into account nuance with the burned case, it is possible to assume that rocket firing from the air carrier nevertheless was, and the test vessel had to is simple to find the rocket around firing practice.

In favor of this version testifies also that fact that use of the range of combat training where tests of the new rocket were carried out, tests weren't coordinated with the Ukrainian party. And according to point 2 of article 8 of the Agreement between Ukraine and Russia about the status and conditions of stay of the BSF of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine, "military formations carry out doctrines and other actions of combat and expeditious training within training centers, ranges, position areas and areas of dispersal, shooting ranges and, except prohibited zones, in the taken-away zones of air space in coordination with competent authorities of Ukraine". So why it was necessary to hide test start-up?

Possibly, on a habit. All the matter is that in August of last year 31-й the Navy test center the group of representatives of the Russian defensive industry, installed on measuring posts of the center incognito visited the new equipment. One of such "modernized" posts, located in the territory of the test Chernomorka base that in 5 km from the range State scientifically - the research center of Ukraine, was right there checked in practice. By means of the new equipment the Russian side "looked after" start-up of the Ukrainian rockets which are carried out on September 11 on the cape of Chaud during maneuvers of the Ukrainian army "Artery-2007". By words military experts, feature of the used Russian Federation of the equipment consisted and consists that she allows to receive remotely information on parameters of flight and operation of the onboard equipment of rockets.The reason for which the Russian military took such step, is obvious - received information can give the answer to a question, the weapon at the Ukrainian military is how serviceable.

As isn't present and, most likely, there will be no answer to a question as the new Russian weapon and equipment gets on the Ukrainian earth, so there is also no distinct explanation for the reasons for which the Russian side consciously goes for violation of interstate agreements. After all, apparently, than that it is simpler - having on the BSF of the Russian Federation controlling activity of the military of structure in the person of representatives of FSB and the adviser to the commander of the BSF for political affairs, it would be simple to bring an order and to understand these nuances or at least to give a signal of what such disorder can halloo for the Russian establishment. After all as though the Kremlin politicians accused Kiev of the captious relation to the BSF, not once the fleet itself provoked the international scandals. Unfortunately, so it turned out and this time.

Kiev has to draw the conclusions. Today in Ukraine there is no the mechanism giving to competent services and departments - the Ministry of Emergency Situations, State frontier service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defence - accurate algorithm of actions in similar situations. And incident with the Russian rocket became the excess certificate to that. In the circumstances the Ukrainian competent authorities looked very in embarrassment. It is paradoxical, but any of the listed departments actually didn't assume responsibility for permission of the arisen problem. The inspection certificate of an unexpected find was signed together, and refusal of investigation of circumstances of incident and problem transfer to the Russian military appeared the best way out. And to investigate everything - is that, after all the mass of questions remained.


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