The spontaneous market continues to work at Ryumin St.

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Our edition told readers about the situation created about the spontaneous market on streets of Ryumin, Dunayev and Budenny in Nikolaev. Since June of the current year law enforcement agencies of the city forbade people illegal realization of goods, having designated that "stikhiyshchik" from now on need to look for new places of work. Dealers didn't want to leave so simply the familiar spots around the Central market and organized pickets under city council, demanding from the mayor and his deputies to solve a situation in their advantage.

In edition of our edition calls and letters from readers to whom, to put it mildly, "stikhiyka" in the downtown bothered arrive. People complain of noise and garbage which again from morning to the evening reign in these parts.

The deputy of the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha who supervises trade questions in the city, told that yesterday it with the mayor Vladimir Chaika left on the market and led discussion with dealers. Earlier representatives of sellers of the spontaneous market submitted to Alexander Zhenzherukhe lists in which about three hundred sellers specified places of the accommodation and goods which realize. All of them want to legalize portable trade on places now taken by them. According to the deputy of the mayor, there are also individual statements from businessmen who wish to legalize trade and to trade in the markets, with these businessmen work is already carried out.

As for complaints of people which against "stikhiyka", Alexander Zhenzhurukha explained that the city council can't take by hand of each seller and show it a new place of trade, not in powers it and to expel people, forbidding realization. Everything will gradually occur.

- Today to me representatives from dealers Svetlana Filippova and Ruslan Bogdanets came, - the deputy of the mayor tells. - They within this week will decide on each seller concerning a further form of realization of goods.We plan to arrange the majority of sellers to trade on the city markets. But, probably, part of people it is necessary to trade on the streets. Only for this purpose it is necessary to equip places of a uniform sample, to establish operating time that it was not from six mornings to eight evenings. Plus - the most important - an order in the territory. It will be necessary to lay all street a tile, to establish cruelty of control on cleaning of places, sanitary and veterinary standards if it is required. On all this time is necessary, but we are obliged to adjust a situation round "The central market", - Alexander Zhenzherukha promised.


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