"And again hello, Natalya Mikhaelovna …"

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Came true, again in July in the Nikolaev, Odessa areas and to the Crimea there are doctrines "Xi Briz-2008". What is a balm for the soul of the leader of PSPU N. Vitrenko, her faithful armourbearer V. Marchenk and the whole assembly of confidants to them "fighters with NATO". After all where still you will find a way free of charge "to be advertized" on pages of the majority of leading central mass media and on air of TV channels including the Russian masses loved by this public - media.

In confirmation of it statements of N. Vitrenko who never minces words (the person testify the feeling of a step), about need to break "Xi Briz-2008" forces of her wards, together with other "left-side" parties is simply alien. That costed only by rhetoric of times Civil or the Great Patriotic War: "the NATO boot", "the earth will burn at foreign aggressors under feet", etc.

But as a result, to the experienced reader who having rejected emotions will look at all these petty intrigues round "Xi Briz-2008", white strings of foreign financing which "the anti-oligarchical party" receives under failure of these doctrines will be visible.

Certainly, it is impossible to reject the hidden reserves of the management of PSPU among which there are quite successful businessmen, but here the organization of specifically pickets in the Nikolaev, Odessa areas and ARE the Crimea (only attributes, tents, transportation costs, and after all people and should eat something), will pull not on one hundred thousands in foreign currency.

In this regard her frequent departures could shed certain light on N. Vitrenko's activity to Russia where it together with the "checked" supporters actively communicates with representatives ultrachauvinistic Russian socially - the political organizations which are obviously financed from hidden reserves of certain state structures of the Russian Federation. Whether therefore the leader of PSPU echoes a falsetto to the majority of statements of Putin and Medvedev who are ready "not пущать" any way Ukraine in NATO and Evrosoyuz.

Really, in our country the majority of inhabitants in general inertly treat this perspective trying to receive more information on NATO and EU, but here certain politicians, I won't be afraid the sharp formulation which for a long time, entered club of political bankrupts, try to inflate near "Xi Briz-2008" rustle


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