How the communist Dzardanov "is treated"? At all as rank-and-file member of this party

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Certainly, it would be possible поёрничать at the beginning of a material about receiving 2-ым the secretary of regional committee of KPU, the assistant - the consultant of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Dzardanov of permits to treatment on which it is right at all I had no, - for example, to remember that communists position themselves as defenders of the people. But whether it is worth doing it? We will better address to the facts about which the director of the Nikolaev regional executive management of Social insurance fund of temporary disability Lyudmila Topalova told.

Actually, the facts on N. Dzardanov's treatment in Fund anybody specially not "накапывал" - they came up during check of the Central interdistrict executive management of regional office of the Fund, which head for today the guide of IDES of NOO Social Insurance Fund to VPT suspects of use of official position in the mercenary purposes (Lyudmila Topalova intends to address in prosecutor's office investigating authorities confirmed or disproved these suspicions).

This citizen decided to retire not with "fondovsky" scanty pension, and with pension of the civil servant. And therefore I settled to work as the assistant - the consultant of the People's Deputy of Ukraine from KPU. And with this employment it was helped very much by the well-known communist Dzardanov. Not without self-interest for itself, certainly.

So, from 2003 to 2007 inclusive Nikolay Dzardanov received 7 permits at the expense of Fund for total amount of 16 thousand 021 UAH 20 kopeks in various resort establishments.

And, I could have a rest not only itself, but also with the family. But we will begin one after another.
As the director of IDES of NOO Social Insurance Fund of VPT Lyudmila Topalova explained, there are some firm norms stipulated by various normative documents of Fund and other acts. So, from Fund the working person, and - only on a primary place of employment can receive the permit to improvement only. Besides, the permit acquired at the expense of fund, the person can allocate not more often than every two years (there are exceptions of this rule: the permit can be allocated two years in a row if on it there is a conclusion of VKK that the person needs repeated improvement).

And in a case with N. Dzardanov all these three rules, figuratively speaking "don't work". Various violations of financial and reporting discipline in KPU regional committee that became clear when checking an order of charge, the account and an expenditure of means of the Social Insurance Fund on VPT in regional committee of KPU which was carried out from July 3 to July 11 this year became clear also.

So, in August, 2003 two permits in sanatorium "Mountain" (YuBK) were issued to Nikolay Dzardanov on the basis of the medical certificate on it, dated March of the same year, and also the reference of the wife, the specialist of the MAUP Black Sea branch Marina Dzardanova which says that she didn't receive permits at the expense of fund in 2003-2004 on a primary place of employment.

Statements from N. Dzardanov on providing permits aren't present as there is no decision of the representative on social insurance on allocation of permits that is violation of one of Fund instructions. Judging according to the message from sanatorium "Mountain", actually then on sanatorno - resort treatment there were three persons: Nikolay Sergeyevich Dzardanov, his wife Marina Nikolaevna Dzardanova and their daughter Elena Dzardanova (1986). The permits which cost made 2154 UAH, were issued for 10% of their cost, i.e. Dzardanov paid 430,8 UAH for rest in the Crimea.

Following episode: two permits in sanatorium "Ukraine" (YuBK) which N. Dzardanov received in June, 2004. In this case there is his application for providing permits - for joint treatment with the wife, however the decision of the representative on social insurance on issue of permits isn't present. And as well as for what the wife of the deputy of regional council, difficult to tell since the medical record was issued only on N. Dzardanov was treated. We will add that three had a rest according to these permits again: Dzardanov, his wife and one more their daughter Anastasia (1985).

N. Dzardanov managed to be treated and in the following, 2005 - with m to year, - it was given the permit in sanatorium for children with parents "Skadovsk" which was provided for treatment of two children by age from 4 to 18 years accompanied by the adult. And in this case there is N. Dzardanov's statement, the medical certificate on Dzardanov and his wife that treatment in the resorts of Skadovsk, the Southern coast of the Crimea and in Odessa is offered to them. And it is valid, Dzardanov and two of his daughters were treated according to these permits. We not for nothing specified their year of birth - at that time both of them were, to put it mildly, slightly more than 18 years old. Rest cheap managed them: at the cost of permit of 4464 UAH.the 20-percentage cost (892,8 UAH) was paid.

I didn't become an exception and July, 2006 - Dzardanov restored health on YuBK in is tourist - the improving Pike perch complex. It got this permit therefore (again without decision of the representative on social insurance) that allegedly the employee of regional committee V.S.Seredenko refused this permit. The cost of the permit made 2100 UAH, and the deputy of 420 UAH - 20% of cost paid for it.

In June, 2007 N. Dzardanov was revitalized too on YuBK, but in "Kurpata's" sanatorium. Dzardanov's statement for allocation of the permit is, and here in the medical certificate there is no mark that Dzardanov needs a repeated course sanatorno - resort treatment. As there is also no decision of the representative on social insurance on issue of the permit. This permit was more expensive (3108 UAH), but Dzardanov paid for it of 20% (621,6 UAH).

It is necessary to add that from May 13, 1998 to December 31, 2003 N. Dzardanov worked at a position of the assistant - the consultant of the People's Deputy of Ukraine, and since January 5, 2004 - in the office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. But he received all permits in KPU regional committee, instead of on a primary place of employment.

For this reason total amount of expenses for acquisition of all 7 permits (16 thousand 021 UAH 20 kopeks) wasn't accepted to offset and is subject to compensation to Fund at the expense of a starkhovshchik (i.e. KPU regional committee). Lyudmila Topalova doesn't know, what decision will be made in this case by the secretary of regional committee of KPU - the regional committee will repay "overexpenditure", or Dzardanov will force to pay.

But it is necessary to pay. And, it is slightly more since when checking regional committee of KPU fondovets found one more violation. To one citizen provided a child care leave to 3-x years, thus, that in her business there is no certificate of pregnancy - childbirth, the woman didn't receive necessary payments on the birth of the child. And suddenly, unexpectedly, - a child care leave. From July 1, 2005 to March 1, 2007 the help in the suyena of 2038,23 UAH was paid to this woman, including contributions to PFU in the sum of 341,15 UAH are assessed. The social insurance Fund on temporary disability to offset too didn't accept this sum since there is no decision of the representative on a social insurance on purpose of a grant.

So KPU regional committee in total should extinguish about 27 thousand UAH: 18 thousand 400,58 UAH - the cost of permits and the sum of the help with care of the child + penalties.
The inspection statement of an order of charge, the account and expenditure of means of the Social Insurance Fund on VPT in regional committee of KPU was signed also by the secretary of regional committee, the People's Deputy of Ukraine V. Matveev (the truth, with remarks and objections both concerning permits, and concerning payments on care of the child), and the head control - audit commission of regional committee of KPU V. Ivanov (with the subsequent providing objections in writing). But what objections can be? And, so to speak, staff of vacationers in sanatoria the Fund has all certificates of quantity, and they are provided by these sanatoria. And if in a case with payment of the help with care of the child everything is pure, all the same there will be a science - documents should be made out in compliance with requirements of existing regulations.


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